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“Don’t get your expectations up!” says Emily Carey about Rhaenyra/Alicent flashbacks in House of the Dragon Season 2



Credits: Max

In a recent interview Emily Carey, the actor who portrayed young Alicent Hightower commented on House of the Dragon season 2. With the show about to release on 16 June, everyone is extremely hyped. Any information or leaks about the show incite a fire in the fans. Will the second live up to the standards of the first season? Will it be better? We don’t know what to expect from it. These tiny bits of information help us piece together what to expect.

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Emily Carey talks about flashbacks in House of the Dragon Season 2

Emily Carey in Geek Girl on Nextflix

Credits: Netflix

Netflix’s new adaptation Geek Girl stars Emily Carey. Recently, she had an interview with to promote her new show. When she was asked if she and Milly Alcock would turn up in a flashback in season 2, she replied:

“I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say, but I will say don’t get your expectations up!”

Emily Carey was also asked about her experience in House of the Dragon. She spoke about people’s opinions on Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon’s mammoth predecessor and how it impacted how the show was going to be received. She described her experience on the show as surreal and said:

“It still feels so surreal. When people talk about it, I have a weird disconnect to it. It was such a strange bubble, and it was very whirlwind. It had a start and a finish. Having the older versions take over [Carey was replaced by Olivia Cooke following a time jump], the attention and the eyes were then sent elsewhere, so I got a second to breathe.”

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Emily Carey confirms she will watch House of the Dragon Season 2 to support her friends

Emily Carey as Alicent Hightower

Credits: Max

Emily Carey mentioned that fantasy wasn’t her genre as a viewer. This had fans doubting whether or not she is going to watch House of the Dragon season 2 even though Emily is not on the cast anymore. Emily thwarted these doubts by talking to

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“I probably will be watching, But mainly to support the cast. And I will say it’s not my genre. I’m not a huge fantasy fan. But the show is objectively incredible, and two of my good friends, Bethany Antonia and Harry Collett, are in the next season and have some incredible things going on, and so I’m excited to see them on screen.”

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Ojas Goel is not a writer by profession but one by heart. His love for Game of Thrones and its intricate world urged him to voice his opinions on the show and remain connected to the developments that follow. He particularly resonates with Tyrion Lannister as he likes the way he thinks and gets out of tricky situations. The Starks are also among his favorite characters since they prove that honesty and honor takes people further in life than debauchery and betrayal. Ojas is a BCA graduate and loves to dive into the tech intricacies in his free time.

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