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Emily Carey gives a little insight into who Alicent’s mother was




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon has managed to woo the audiences so far. There are a lot of interesting characters, stemming from George R. R. Martin’s Fire and Blood, with intriguing backstories that the author himself labels as being ‘a shade of grey’. As previously mentioned, the plot of the series will mainly be focusing on the show’s two female leads, Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower, each sharing a hidden trauma. Alicent’s mental illness actually sources from a character that hasn’t been explored much, either in the books or on the show.

As seen in the first two episodes, Alicent doesn’t really have a loving relationship with her father, Otto Hightower, who uses her as a means to get closer to the Iron Throne. In the most recent episode of the House of The Dragon podcast, Emily Carey, who plays the younger version of Alicent in the show, shed some light as to why their interaction always seemed so strained, one of the main factors being the absence of Alicent’s mother.

HOTD: Official Podcast Ep. 2. “The Rogue Prince” with Emily Carey | House of the Dragon (HBO)

Carey says, “We had this whole thing about where is Alicent’s mom. Who is she? Who was she? Where did she go? It’s not written in the book. It’s not written in the script. And so I mentioned this at the Comic Con, I journaled as my character just to get some more in-depth insight. Because I think there’s so much going on in her brain, it’s impossible to think about and process unless I put it on paper in front of me.”

“And one thing I got to write about was what happened to her mother. And something that we settled on as a group, group being Miguel, Ryan, Rhys, and I, was that her mother was the religious one. That faith is something Alicent carries because of this connection with her mother. Which is why I think that scene is so important and so heavy to show that side of Alicent that I feel like people aren’t expecting to see.”

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