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House of the Dragon’s Matt Smith compares Daemon Targaryen to Patrick Bateman



HBO’s House of the Dragon, the prequel to Game of Thrones, has received a lot of affection from fans of the series and, like its predecessor, has delivered characters, stories, sceneries, and all the other elements that make it so captivating. House of the Dragon is known for its morally grey characters, and Matt Smith‘s Daemon Targaryen might just be the greyest of them.

Matt Smith recalls playing Patrick Bateman

In his recent interview with The LA Times, Smith recalled playing the notorious serial killer on stage in a musical adaptation of “American Psycho” at London’s Almeida Theatre, “I mean, look, I’ve played Patrick Bateman on stage. No one’s quite as f— up as him. I think it’s interesting to find out what makes people tick. They’re all the letters of the alphabet essentially jumbled up together, and you can take different versions of them out at different times.”

How similar is Daemon to Patrick Bateman?

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He went on to compare Daemon with Bateman, “Daemon sort of thrives on chaos. There’s an element of him that’s walking on a tightrope made of glass, and he loves that he could fall off at any time. He operates on his own sort of strange and often violent plane. But to him, the violence is not gratuitous. He’s not doing it clumsily, he’s doing it with purpose and precision. Now, whether that’s right or wrong is for other people to debate.”

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