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Harry Collet says Jacaerys “just wants to get revenge” in House of the Dragon Season 2 in new interview

Steve Toussaint also discussed Lord Corlys’s grieving, and his dedication to his wife Rhaenys.



Credits: HBO

With Season 2 of House of the Dragon releasing soon, we are getting many more promo videos and interviews. As part of the press tour, Harry Collett and Steve Toussaint appeared on CTV’s Your Morning show to speak about their House of the Dragon roles. Collett plays Prince Jacaerys Velaryon, while Toussaint plays Lord Corlys Velaryon.

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Harry Collett and Steve Touissaint on their characters’ evolution

You can watch the full video here:

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Collett discussed how Jacaerys had evolved from Season 1. He began by mentioning that Jacaerys now has a different hairstyle and wig, an aspect many fans commented on back in Season 1. Collett also discussed his interpretation of Jacaerys’ character and how he approached the idea of war.  He stated:

“In Jace’s point of view, it’s it’s for me it’s it’s Jace’s War now because obviously, um, you know, um, he’s lost his little brother, um, and you know it’s it’s it’s sad for him, and he just wants to get revenge, and he is going to push everybody out of his way to do that.”

Toussaint described Lord Corlys’ character as still grieving from the loss of all the people in his family in Season 1, including his son, daughter, brother and granddaughter. Toussaint said:

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“I think when we meet him, he’s still grieving the loss of those people, um, particularly his grandson, Jace’s brother, and so he’s trying to come to terms with that, his grief. And the fact that at the end of season one, he had said let’s not be involved with this. Let’s just go home and enjoy our riches, and his wife had said no, no we need to, we need to protect our daughter-in-law, so he’s doing a lot of this for his wife. In fact, at one point in an episode in season two, he says what I do now I do for her, my wife. So he’s trying to cling on to this relationship, which is the one honest thing I think he has in his life.”

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