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David Bowie was the initial inspiration behind designing Moondancer, reveals House of the Dragon showrunner

We never knew how punk a dragon could be!



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While it’s easy to design costumes and weapons based on the day and age they will be used in, it’s harder to envision new creatures. Dragons especially, need to exude power and fear. So, when it was time to introduce a new dragon into the mix in House of the Dragon Season 2, showrunner Ryan Condal had to get really creative with the description. What he envisioned and what we got on screen are pretty similar.

In the upcoming episodes, we are bound to see more dragons on screen once the battle rages on. The Greens and the Blacks will not shy away from using all their might in order to win the final showdown.

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Ryan Condal reveals design inspiration behind Moondancer

Crafting a Dragon Chase | Behind the Scenes Season 2, Episode 3 | House of The Dragon | HBO

Baela’s dragon Moondancer debuted in House of the Dragon season 2 episode 3. The brave daughter of Daemon is never one to waver from a challenge. So naturally, when she saw her enemy Criston Cole on a field without cover, she followed him and made him run for shelter. The dramatic scene ends with the Green Knights scared for their lives.

Showrunner Ryan Condal reveals that he had a very specific description of Moondancer in mind. He shared,

Moondancer is a brand new dragon so the description that I gave to the designers was simply David Bowie and we ended up with this like tiger striped green punk rocker with a mohawk and I’m thrilled with the outcome of it.

Bethany Antonia, the actress who plays Baela, loves Moondancer too as she shares, “She is the coolest of the most I am biased but she’s really really slender she’s pale green. She’s so fast.

Moondancer plays a crucial role in the story as she supports and helps Baela in the war that’s coming. Brave and unfaltering, Baela is not one to stand down from a challenge and Moondancer really complements her personality similarly.

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