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15 details you might have missed in House of the Dragon Season 2, Episode 3: The Burning Mill

Episode 3 has a whole lot of Easter Eggs.



Credits: Max

House of the Dragon Season 2, Episode 3, “The Burning Mill,” is packed with subtle details and hidden clues that deepen the story. From updated opening credits to significant character developments, here’s a closer look at what you might have missed.

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Opening credits get a bloody update


Credits: Max

The opening credits of House of the Dragon have been updated to include new visuals that set the tone for the episode. Notable changes include the depiction of King Jaehaerys with his throat slit and the hanging of the ratcatchers by Aegon. These images reflect the brutal and treacherous nature of the unfolding story, hinting at the dark events to come.

Battle of the Burning Mill happens offscreen


Credits: Max

The Battle of the Burning Mill is one of the first major battles in the Dance of the Dragons. While much of the battle happens offscreen in the show, it showcases the long-standing feud between the Brackens and the Blackwoods. This historical conflict adds depth to the series’ lore and sets the stage for the violent clashes we are yet to see.

Cole’s new role, and chains


Credits: Max

Ser Criston Cole has now moved into Otto Hightower’s room in the Tower of the Hand, symbolizing his new role as the Hand of the King. Initially burdened with this immense responsibility, Cole soon proves himself to be a capable wartime hand, showing that he may be the best choice for this challenging position. He is seen wearing the chain of the Hand of the King.

The Cargyll twins’ funeral


Credits: Max

In this episode, Rhaenyra insists on burying the Cargyll twins together, even though some see Arryk as a traitor. Some fans believe that Erryk, who supported Rhaenyra, was supposed to be burned by dragonfire, but since no one knew who was who, they were buried together. It also ties into the theme of the twins being born together and thus will leave together.

New members of the Kingsguard


Credits: Max

The Kingsguard now includes three new members, Eddard Waters, Martin Reyne, and Leon Estermont, who are Aegon’s drinking buddies. Their inclusion marks the beginning of the Greens replacing court members with those loyal to them. However, these new members don’t take their vows seriously, reflecting the corrupt nature of Aegon’s rule.

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Seasmoke’s restlessness


Credits: Max

Seasmoke, the dragon, is shown to be restless. Rhaenyra tells Mysaria that the dragon is uneasy, and Mysaria implies it’s because he is lonely after losing his rider, Laenor, in season 1. This idea of dragons feeling loneliness was hinted at in season 1 when King Viserys talked to Laena Velaryon about Vhagar. Seasmoke is set to gain a new rider soon.

Aemond’s coin


Credits: Max

Aemond now carries the coin he picked up in Episode 2. It is the exact coin found in his room after the assassination of Jaehaerys. While some believe it is one of the coins Daemon paid Blood with, others think it was used by Aemond and Cole while strategizing military plans. Regardless, the coin with a sun symbol is a reminder that Daemon tried to assassinate Aemond, who now holds on to it as a keepsake, symbolizing his vendetta.

Gwayne Hightower’s second first appearance


Credits: Max

Gwayne Hightower, played by Freddie Fox, makes his first appearance. We’ve seen him before when Daemon defeated him in a tourney in Season 1, but this is the first time we saw his face. Gwayne is now commanded by Cole, who has more battle experience. His lack of battlefield knowledge leads to trouble when Baela spots them on a dragon.

Daenerys’ Dragon eggs


Credits: Max

Rhaena’s journey to the Vale with Aegon the Younger and Prince Viserys deviates from the books. The four dragon eggs taken to the Vale by Rhaena are implied to be laid by Syrax. These eggs are confirmed to be the same ones Daenerys receives in Game of Thrones, destined to hatch into Viserion, Drogon, and Rhaegal.

Aegon II wears the Conquerer’s armor


Credits: Max

Aegon II is seen wearing Aegon the Conqueror’s armor. The armor looks very similar to the design created by artist Amok and is consistent with the book lore.

Master of whisperers


Credits: Max

Aegon offers Larys the position of Master of Whisperers after learning about the rumors spreading in King’s Landing. Varys held this position in Game of Thrones.

Dyana in Cock’s Inn


Credits: Max

Dyana, the woman inside the Cocks Inn, who was assaulted by Aegon in Season 1, is now working as a barmaid. Her continued mistreatment shows the lack of justice in the realm under Aegon’s rule.

Alys Rivers


Credits: Max

In her first appearance, Alys Rivers tells Daemon that he will die at Harrenhal. Alys is rumored to be a witch, and her prophecy foreshadows the battle above The God’s Eye.

Alicent and Rhaenyra’s lies


Credits: Max

A powerful parallel is drawn between Alicent and Rhaenyra lying. In Season 1, Rhaenyra denied allegations against her while swearing upon her father’s name. In Season 2, Alicent lies while swearing upon her mother’s name.

The Weirwood at Harrenhal


Credits: Max

In the scene with Alys Rivers and Daemon, we see the godswood of Harrenhal with a single weirwood tree on the banks of the God’s Eye lake. The tree leans towards the lake, possibly because it is growing towards sunlight and away from Harrenhal’s shadow. However, some believe that the branches of the tree reach towards the legendary Isle of Faces, a magical island in the middle of the lake.

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