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17 details you might’ve missed in the House of the Dragon Weeks Ahead trailer

The trailer reveals scenes and battles yet to come.



Credits: Max

The House of the Dragon Season 2 Weeks Ahead trailer shows what we will see in the remaining seven episodes of Season 2. We get glimpses of multiple important moments from the Dance of the Dragons, including scenes that will change the war’s course. The trailer’s main focus is the change of strategy for the Greens, including removing Otto Hightower as Hand and the aggressive hardline stance taken by Aemond, Aegon, and Cole.

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The Realm prepares for war

House of the Dragon Season 2 | Weeks Ahead Trailer | Max

Dogs hunting for Blood and Cheese


Credits: Max

Large dogs are sent out on a hunt by Aegon II, likely for Blood and Cheese. Blood and Cheese were captured and tortured in the books to reveal who hired them. A scene later shows Aegon beating someone, who could be either Blood or Cheese.

Sea Snake ship


Credits: Max

A brief shot shows the Sea Snake ship, hinting at House Velaryon and its fleet’s involvement in the upcoming war.

Lannister Forces at the Golden Tooth


Credits: Max

As Tyland mentions in the council, Jason Lannister is shown amassing the Lannister army at the Golden Tooth. The scene shows the Lannisters preparing for war.

Bracken and Blackwood conflict


Credits: Max

The trailer includes a scene depicting a minor conflict between the Brackens and the Blackwoods, possibly leading up to the Battle of the Burning Mill. Ryan Kopel’s character is seen confronting some Blackwood boys. These two houses have a long-standing feud that will culminate in this battle.

Dragon Eggs


Credits: Max

Four unidentified dragon eggs are shown, with fans guessing that they are the eggs that Daenerys receives in Game of Thrones. However, it is more likely that Syrax lays these eggs, out of which two will possibly be given to Rhaenyra’s sons Viserys and Aegon.

Elinda Massey


Credits: Max

Elinda Massey, an attendant to Rhaenyra, appears in King’s Landing. She is a noblewoman of House Massey, and her appearance in the Greens territory may indicate that she is an informant for King Aegon.

Sharako Lohar Fight


Credits: Max

A mud-wrestling scene between two unknown people likely features Sharako Lahar, an admiral of the Triarchy. In Fire and Blood, a Tyroshi pirate named Racallio Ryndoon fought Alyn of Hull in a mud pit, which may be a reference to that scene.

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The Blacks will recruit new dragonriders this season, known as Dragonseeds. We see three of them in this video.

Addam and Alyn Embracing


Credits: Max

Addam and Alyn of Hull embrace each other in a shot from the trailer. These two brothers will play a large part in the coming war, with Addam riding Seasmoke, Laenor Velaryon’s dragon.

Ulf White


Credits: Max

Ulf White appears in a scene looking up at two hanged prisoners. He will join the Blacks as a dragonseed who rides the dragon Silverwing.

Hugh Hammer


Credits: Max

Hugh Hammer is shown amidst a riot. We last saw him in Episode 1, and pictures revealed that he also has a family. Hugh will ride the dragon Vermithor, The Bronze Fury.

The Dance of the Dragons

The war is now about to begin, with the Greens beginning their retaliation for Blood and Cheese. The trailer shows us a few highlights from what is about to come.

Dragon near Dragonstone


Credits: Max

We see a shot of Caraxes flying near Dragonstone. We already know from trailers that Daemon is about to go rogue and take his own actions, separate from the rest of the Blacks.

Baela with a Crossbow


Credits: Max

Baela is seen holding a crossbow, learning to use it in preparation for the coming war. In the book, Baela did not join the war effort until much later. The show will have her appear very soon, likely during the Battle of Rook’s Rest.

Jacaerys at the Twins


Credits: Max

Jacaerys is seen at the Twins, an important location in the Riverlands. He goes there to negotiate with Lord Forrest of House Frey as a critical part of the Black strategy.

Duel of the Cargyll Twins


Credits: Max

We get a quick glimpse of the duel between Erryk and Arryk Cargyll, in which the brothers both died. Arryk infiltrated Dragonstone disguised as Arryk, and in the shot, we can see Rhaenyra in the background. Arryk appears to be on his way to assassinate Rhaenyra when Erryk intervenes.

Dead Darklyn soldiers


Credits: Max

We see dead soldiers bearing the sigil of House Darklyn, most likely during the Sack of Duskendale. This is one of the first towns the Greens attack in their war campaign, hinted at by Aemond and Cole’s planning in Episode 1. Cole also beheaded Lord Gunthor Darklyn here after becoming Hand of the King.

Daemon at Harrenhal


Credits: Max

Daemon arrives at Harrenhal on Caraxes and takes the castle. He is seen talking to Simon Strong, the castellan of Harrenhal, after the deaths of Lyonel and Harwin Strong.

Criston Cole as Hand


Credits: Max

The trailer ends with a shot of Criston Cole wearing a necklace of interlinked hands, signifying his new role as Hand of the King. Throughout the trailer, we see Aegon’s anger and Otto’s admonishments, leading to Cole stepping forward and Aegon appointing him Hand.

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