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Ciarán Hinds stopped following Game of Thrones after his character’s death




Game of Thrones was infamous for killing off some of the best fan-favorite characters. These deaths helped to generate motive and a sense of revenge in the story. Mance Rayder was a former brother of the Night’s Watch, who abandoned his post to go live with the Wildlings and became The King Beyond The Wall. He led his people from season three to season five, before he was shot through the heart with an arrow. The actor who played the role, Ciarán Hinds, stopped watching the show after that scene.

In a recent interview with NME, Hinds talked about his character from Game of Thrones. He said, “He knows that he has the capability to be the spokesperson, but he didn’t put himself higher than the rest of them. I think that’s probably why people followed him. I didn’t follow the show once Mance died, so I owe myself a treat once I stop working to watch it from beginning to end.”


Hinds continued, “He didn’t bother with any of the extraneous nonsense that we usually see from people who lead. He said: ‘This is what the issue is, I believe in it, these people need help, and we are going to take action. And I will be as they are and I will live the life that they do.’ It’s not leading from the front. It’s leading from the centre, in a way, because he’s right in the middle of it.”

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