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House of the Dragon Episode 9 reveals Helaena’s “Beast beneath the boards” prophecy in an epic fashion




House of the Dragon episode 9 was everything it was teased to be. In a rat chase for the Aegon II, Alicent arrives at Helaena’s quarters. The Princess gives her mother the same warning she mumbled in episode 8, “Beware the beast beneath the boards.” We find out what she truly meant in this episode, and with this, Helaena’s ability to see the future is pretty much confirmed.

MoreDecoding Helaena’s “Beware the beast beneath the boards” prophecy from House of the Dragon Episode 8


Rhaenys and Meleys royally gate-crashed Aegon the Second’s coronation. The Greens held bated breaths, wondering if she’ll utter “dracarys,” but it never came. We see her sneaking off as the prince is crowned. She snuck off to the dragon pit, which runs under the King’s Landing. Let’s not forget that The Queen Who Never Was grew up here, so she knows these routes well. As she bursts out from “beneath the boards” on her “beast,” Helaena’s prophecy is fulfilled. Rhaenys’ show of Valyrian force and power was the true beast beneath the boards, not only the physical structure but the confines that kept her from becoming Queen.


Even though Ser Erryk Cargyll did his best to escort the Princess to safety, in the end, Rhaenys saved herself. As Rhaenys sits atop her dragon, Alicent puts herself in harm’s way to protect King Aegon II. The women hold each other’s gaze. While Rhaenys seeks the free skies and holds her freedom, Alicent is stuck trying to protect the men in her life. Nothing is more befitting than the conversation they had earlier. “You toil still in service to men. Your father, your husband, your son,” Rhaenys points to the Dowager Queen. “You desire not to be free but to make a window in the wall of your prison.” She strikes a chord with the younger woman, “Have you never imagined yourself on the Iron Throne?”

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Rhaenys’ escape will go down in the history books. What did you think of her spectacular escape? Join our discord server and let us know!

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