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16 things we learned from Game of Thrones season 7 trailer



HBO just released the Game of Thrones season 7 trailer and it was simply brilliant. The trailer was filled with action and some scenes that revealed important information. As usual, we watched the trailer again and again to spot anything that could give us some clues about what’s happening in the scenes and information that could help us in linking the previously available information that was available and here’s a list of the things that we learned from the season 7 trailer:

1. We get to see Euron Greyjoy’s ship, Silence

The trailer starts with Cersei Lannister talking about her enemies and when she speaks of the enemies to the West, we are shown a mysterious ship, which has the sigil of House Greyjoy on it. We know that Euron Greyjoy has a ship named Silence, which we haven’t seen till now in the show.  This is the first time we have seen Euron’s ship Silence.

2. Arya is having a tough time while traveling to the North


By the end of Game of Thrones season 6, Arya had reached the Riverlands and she avenged the Red Wedding by killing Walder Frey. Arya must have received the news that the Starks have taken back Winterfell and once she finishes the job at the Twins, she will mostly travel to Winterfell, as she has already made it clear that she’s going back home. HBO had released the first photos from Game of Thrones season 7 back in November of 2016 and it is clear that she’s traveling to Winterfell.


The latest shots that we have seen, seem to confirm that. It’s possible that Arya is on the way to Winterfell but is still in the Riverlands and winter has just arrived over there as we can see it has just started snowing over there and in the second scene we can see Arya struggling with the cold, which indicates that she’s moving Northwards. I have a strong feeling that she might come across Nymeria during this journey. In the books, we know that Nymeria is in the forests in the Riverlands and leads a huge pack of wolves. It will be wonderful to see a reunion between Arya and Nymeria.

3. Cersei Lannister gets a map of Westeros similar to the wooden table map at Dragonstone


Dragonstone has a room named as the Chamber of the Painted Table, which has a huge wooden table, which has been carved in the shape of Westeros and was used by Aegon Targeryen while planning the invasion of Westeros. During the earlier seasons, we have seen Stannis with this table, when he was in Dragonstone.


And now in the same trailer, Daenerys is planning the invasion of Westeros in the same room.


It’s quite possible that Cersei wants something similar in King’s Landing but on a grander scale and has commissioned a huge map of Westeros, which is nearing completion. Also, it seems to be the same courtyard where The Mountain had ripped-off the head of a sparrow.

4. Daenerys Targaryen and team reach Dragonstone


Since the time Game of Thrones season 7 teaser trailer has been released, we were sure that Daenerys had reached Dragonstone and that her new throne room was located in Dragonstone. The trailer just makes everything clear as we can see that Daenerys has landed on the shore of Dragonstone and when the gates open, she sees the magnificient castle which has been the seat of House Targaryen.


The trailer just makes everything clear as we can see that Daenerys has landed on the shore of Dragonstone and when the gates open, she sees the magnificient castle which has been the seat of House Targaryen.


Also, we can see Tyrion and Drogon exploring the island in the trailer. The trailer shows that Dragonstone has a lake next to the cliffs.

5. The Unsullied attack Casterly Rock


In the trailer, we see the Unsullied storming into a castle and it’s a very significant scene as the walls have the sigil of House Lannister painted over them. This definitely has to be Casterly Rock, which is the seat of House Lannister and if it’s true, it means that Daenerys has dealt a huge blow to the Lannisters by sacking their home. This will be the first time we will get to see Casterly Rock in the show.


On the other hand, it might be possible that the Unsullied attack Lannisport, which is a port town located next to Casterly Rock.

6. Jon Snow takes a decision and Brienne is back at Winterfell


The King in the North has summoned everyone and it might involve taking a big decision. Looking at the scenes in the trailer, this might be the scene where Jon Snow takes the decision that he will be traveling North of the Wall but it’s highly possible that the assumption is wrong and the scene involves something which is completely different. However, the scene tells us that Ser Davos has received a promotion and now he sits next to Jon Snow and that Brienne has returned from the Riverlands. So this scene defnitely isn’t a continuation of the scene from season 6 finale.

7. Littlefinger tries to manipulate Sansa Stark

Littlefinger continues doing what he is good at and he is trying hard to poison Sansa’s mind and knowing how good Littlefinger is at manipulating people, it seems possible that he might suceed to a certain extent in bringing Sansa to his side. During this scene, we can hear Littlefinger telling Sansa how her father and brothers have gone and she has survived. He might be talking about the deaths of her father and brothers but it might also be about Jon Snow leaving Winterfell, to travel North of the Wall and immediately in the next scene we see the gate of the Wall opening, which again indicates the Jon Snow might go North of the Wall.

8. Euron attacks Theon’s ship


In the trailer, we see Theon standing at a place and there’s fire in the background. If you check the other scenes in the trailer, you will realize that he is standing on the deck of his ship and it is being attacked by Euron and his people, who are crossing over to Theon’s ship and killing everyone and setting it on fire.


9. Melisandre reaches Dragonstone

This is a huge thing that has been revealed in the trailer. In season 6, Jon Snow had banished Melisandre and told her to go South. It appears that Melisandre went South and met Daenerys. Is it possible that she is trying to convince Daenerys that she’s Azor Ahai. We have seen in the past, how she called Stannis the Prince that was promised and when he died, she moved on to Jon Snow. This is just a wild guess but it might also be possible that she is trying to do the right thing by convincing Daenerys to join forces with Jon Snow.

10. Jon Snow and team goes beyond the Wall and runs for life

This scene almost confirms that Jon Snow and his friends have traveled North of the Wall and now they are in real danger. I am refraining from referring to any of the information that was present in the supposedly leaked plotline for season 7 and just making assumptions from all the information that is present in the trailer. We can see Jon Snow, Tormund and others running away from something. The trailer doesn’t show us anything but I am sure that they are attacked by Wights and it’s possible that they are accompanied by the White Walkers too!

It appears that the following picture is from the same scene and looks like Jon Snow and others have been surrounded by the Wights from all the sides.


11. Ser Davos urges Daenerys Targaryen to join forces


In the trailer we see Ser Davos doing what he is good at doing, and that’s convincing other people to join the cause which he truly believes in. We can hear him telling someone that they need to keep aside the enimites and band together or else there’s a certain death and he further adds that in the end there will just be a skeleton of someone sitting on the Iron Throne. Now he definitely isn’t talking with Cersei Lannister as she is already sitting on the Iron Throne and it’s difficult to believe that she will give Ser Davos a chance to present his ideas in front of her.

That means, he’s speaking with Daenerys Targaryen and urging her to join forces with Jon Snow.

12. The Mountain gets a badass armour


There’s nothing much to say about the scene where we see The Mountain sporting a new badass armour. All we can do is just look at it and keep on admiring it’s beauty. The armour matches Cersei Lannister’s new look. It seems that Cersei is very peculiar about matching her dress and that of her bodyguard.

13. Jon Snow does a Ned Stark on Littlefinger, next to his mother’s tomb


This has to be one of the biggest scenes from the trailer. When you watch it for the first time, you must be definitely surprised to see Jon Snow slamming Littlefinger against the wall, just like Ned Stark did in season 1. The showrunners might have tried to show a parallel between the scene. However, that’s not the most interesting part of the scene. If you look carefully, you will see that both of them are in the crypts and they are standing next to Lyanna Stark’s tomb! It might be possible that Littlefinger reveals information about Jon Snow’s parentage and Jon Snow a shocked Jon Snow slams him thinking that Petyr Baelish is telling lies.

14. Jorah Mormont gets cured


When you watch this scene, you know that you are looking at the hand of Jorah Mormont, who seems to have been locked in a room, with a door which has a small opening. Now, everyone will agree that the Greyscale has spread all over his body. However, I think that this is the part where he starts recovering from the disease, rather than it spreading more and covering his entire body. If you look carefully, you will see that his fingers are perfectly normal and as you start going further, the scales are falling down from his fingers, which might indicate that he has found a cure and he has started recovering from Greyscale.

15. Daenerys and the Dothraki attack the Lannisters


This seems to be one beautifully shot action scene where you can see the Dothraki jumping from their horses and slaughtering the Lannister soldiers. We can also see another scene in which the Dothraki horde is charging towards an enemy, which must be the Lannister army and they are lead by Drogon and that means the Queen herself is leading the attack. This scene is definitely linked to the photo that was shared a few days ago, in which we saw Daenerys sitting on a humongous Drogon and there’s fire everywhere and you can see soldiers fighting in the background.


16. Love is in the air


The last point is something that everyone noticed, but I am still including it as it confirms rumours and also there are people who thought that Sansa is kissing Ellaria in the scene. Few months ago, there were rumours that there is going to be a love making scene between Missandei and Grey Worm and now the trailer has confirmed it. It looks like being a Eunuch doesn’t ruin Grew Worm’s chances with Missandei.


It’s Game of Thrones and it will be weird if there are hardly any love making scenes and the trailer add another of it at the end and this time it features Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand. It appears that Yara and Ellaria get cozy with each other after joining sealing the alliance. During the last season we saw some sparks flying between Yara and Daenerys, but sadly nothing happened between them. Looking at this scene, we get a feeling that if Yara gets a chance, we might see her making love with Daenerys as well.

Is there anything that you think I missed in this article? If you have spotted something, do let us know.

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