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Which movies and TV shows has Peter Dinklage been a part of?



Tyrion Lannister
Credit: HBO

Game of Thrones may have shot Peter Dinklage to unparalleled fame, but he has consolidated his place in Hollywood owing to his immense talents. He breathed life into the character of Tyrion Lannister, a man who made up for the lack of his height with his abundance of wit. Dinklage had no trouble playing the complicated role of Tyrion since he is intrinsically sarcastic and free-spirited. The showrunners claimed that Dinklage was one of the first people to be cast as he fit the mold of the character perfectly.

However, the actor was careful about his acting choices since it’s very easy to be stereotyped in a certain role, especially since he had dwarfism. It all changed when he met with the creators of the show and learned that Tyrion’s character was far from being an elf or a leprechaun. Looking at the cunning and morally ambiguous ways of Tyrion, Dinklage signed on soon after. Winning four Emmy awards for his outstanding performance along with a Golden Globe Award, was a cherry on top of getting to play such an iconic character. Here’s a look at Peter Dinklage’s movies and TV shows that make him one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood.

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Game of Thrones

Tyrion Lannister in The Winds of Winds

Credit: HBO

Dinklage’s role in Game of Thrones needs no introduction. His sardonic dry wit and quippy one-liners are some of the most memorable dialogues from the show. Tyrion Lannister never let his height affect his outlook towards life even when the entire world belittled him and threw insults at him.

Playing Tryion in Game of Thrones skyrocketed Dinklage’s fame and opened doors of opportunities for him. Despite his debauchery, carefree attitude, and penchant for wit, Tyrion survives till the very end, all thanks to his incredible ability to talk his way out of tricky situations.


Credits: Warner Bros.

Given the title of the movie, it’s easy to assume that Peter Dinklage must have starred in it as an elf. However, the comedy movie put a great spin on his character as he played a children’s book author named Miles Finch. In the movie, Dinklage has not come to terms with his dwarfism and attacks Buddy when he mistakes Finch for an elf.

The hearty Christmas movie never fails to make the audience laugh. Dinklage is seen only for a short while, but he makes an impact as Finch and gives a memorable performance.

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The Toxic Avenger

Credit: Legendary Entertainment

There have been five films in this franchise, but we don’t think many people have heard of them. Dinklage joined the fifth installment as Winston Gooze and rejuvenated the franchise. The movie follows a man who gains powers after coming into contact with harmful chemicals.

Dinklage felt connected to the project for its intrinsic save nature philosophy. The chemicals give Winston the powers but also harm the surroundings. Moreover, Dinklage is lauded for bringing the franchise back to life. Its dwindling popularity spiked after fans got to know he is going to star in The Toxic Avenger.

Rick and Morty

Peter Dinklage's Rick and Morty Role

Credits: Netflix

The animated show is known for parodying various instances in pop culture. The episode where Dinklage is featured is no different. When Rick, Morty, and Summer play a game in a galactic arcade, the power cuts off soon after. Morty gets stuck in a game and a group of terrorists enter the realm of reality.

Summer takes on the role of John McClane to kill them and secure her son. In a Die Hard-esque parody, Dinklage voices the leader of the terrorist group. His name is Chans, a play on the famous movie villain Hans Gruber. In a race against time, Rick and Summer try to get Morty out of the immersive game.

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Avengers: Infinity War

Peter Dinklage

Credits: Marvel

Fans were delighted to see Peter Dinklage make his MCU debut in Avengers: Infinity War. He played the role of a giant dwarf called Eitri, the only living being who has the ability to make a hammer for Thor. Dinklage also filmed a scene for Thor: Love and Thunder but it did not make the final cut.

As Eitri, Dinklage channeled his wit and humor yet again, something he excels at. Eitri helps Thor find his strength and face Thanos with renewed vigor. He creates Stormbreaker, a hammer as iconic as Mjolnir.

The Angry Birds Movie

Peter Dinklage as Mighty Eagle

Credit: Sony Pictures

In the franchise The Angry Birds Movie, Dinklage voices the character of the Mighty Eagle. He is a mythical legend as many birds propel him to incomparable standards. His heroism and bravery are celebrated across the community.

Dinklage has a deep voice, leveled with gravitas, which made him perfect for this role. He is a savior to the birds, as Red asks him for help to defeat the evil pigs. Being an independent fighter, he seldom works in tandem with other birds.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Bolivar Trask from X-Men Series

Credits: Marvel

Dinklage delivers a thrilling performance in X-Men: Days of Future Past. he plays Dr. Bolivar Trask, a man against mutants and everything they stand for. Despite being absent from the actual battlefield, Dinklage shines through as a fearsome villain for inventing Sentinels who wreak unparalleled havoc.

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The military scientist plays on his intelligence and benefits from his genius acumen. Trask was a role away from humor and wit, and Dinklage had to tap into his brooding persona to ace this portrayal.

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