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When and how does Robb Stark die? Who killed Robb Stark?



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When Game of Thrones premiered, the Starks were the most favored family among the viewers. All the children of Ned and Catelyn Stark were quite remarkable. However, their eldest son Robb Stark, played by Richard Madden, stood out from the rest, and he was a lot like his father.

After the execution of his father, young Robb was burdened with a lot of responsibilities, being the head of House Stark for one. He was declared the King in the North, after his bannermen took arms alongside him to avenge his father’s death. Despite being noble and a talented warrior, Robb Stark was not a good a good king, and listened to his heart more than his head. He makes several questionable decisions, that ultimately return to bite him in the back.

One of the most promising Starks dies quite early in Game of Thrones. What led to his unexpected demise? Let’s have a look at the events that lead up to his death.

Quick Answer: Robb Stark is slaughtered along with his mother and bannermen in 299 AC at the Red Wedding held at the Twins in Season 3, Episode 9 of Game of Thrones, titled ‘The Rains of Castamere‘. It was conspired by the host, Walder Frey, at Tywin Lannister’s behest. Roose Bolton, a co-conspirator, drives a knife through Robb’s chest.

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Who is Robb Stark?


Robb was Lady Catelyn’s and Lord Eddard Stark’s eldest child. He grew up in Winterfell after being born at Riverrun in 283 AC. The morning after their wedding, his father departed from his mother to fight in Robert’s Rebellion, and he didn’t come back until Robb was born. He has two sisters, Sansa and Arya, and two younger brothers, Bran and Rickon. Jon Snow was his half-sibling.

Being highly proficient at arms at a young age, Robb became the Lord of Winterfell upon Ned Stark’s execution in King’s Landing. The Stark bannermen gather under him as he swears revenge on the Lannisters, and is declared King in the North, independent of the Iron Throne. He begins to wage war against the Lannisters, and secures several early crucial victories due to his strategic brilliance and his mother’s counsel. However, things go awry when he falls in love with Talisa, a nurse on the battlefield hailing from Volantis.

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What happened at the Red Wedding?


Robb was initially promised to a daughter of the cruel Walder Frey, which was an alliance that would give him a tactical advantage in the War of the Five Kings. But Robb betrayed his word and wed Talisa instead. In an apparent attempt to maintain the Stark/Frey alliance, the Starks gave in to Walder Frey’s suggested request that Lord Edmure Tully—Robb’s uncle and Catelyn Stark’s brother—marry his daughter Roslin Frey. In the penultimate episode of Season 3, which included Edmure and Roslin’s wedding, everything came to a climax.

Roose Bolton and his men positioned themselves artfully around the room where the bridal feast was still being served after Edmure and Roslin had left the celebration to consummate their marriage.

Walder and Roose, with Tywin Lannister’s backing, betrayed the Starks, and Bolton and his men slaughtered them all, despite Walder having sworn a holy oath that Robb, Catelyn, and the then-pregnant Talisa would all be safe beneath his home for the wedding.


It was just before Roose stabbed Robb in the heart that he spoke the now-famous line, “The Lannisters send their regards.” In addition to the three Starks being slaughtered, Robb’s soldiers who were either partying outside the castle or attending the wedding were also mercilessly butchered.

Will Robb Stark return in House of the Dragon?

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Considering that House of the Dragon takes place 200 years before Game of Thrones, we can safely assume Robb Stark won’t be seen in the prequel series.

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