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The Red Wedding was the hardest moment to write for George R. R. Martin, kept delaying it for days




The Red Wedding elicited more shock and disbelief than any other television program death in history, even though Game of Thrones included some of the most horrifying deaths ever shown. It was one of those instances where George R. R. Martin was portrayed as a ruthless character murderer. However, at least in the writer’s opinion, reality was very different from what it seemed.

George R. R. Martin kept skipping the Red Wedding

The Red Wedding was dreadful, so horrifying that even the author kept skipping the chapter. Martin told Time magazine:

“I knew the Red Wedding was coming and I’d been planning it all along, but when I came to that chapter, which occurs two-thirds of the way through A Storm of Swords, I found I couldn’t write that chapter. I skipped over that chapter and wrote the hundreds of pages that followed. The entire book was done, except for the scene with the Red Wedding, and even all the aftermath of the Red Wedding.”


George R. R. Martin had grown too attached to his characters

Martin admitted he kept delaying the chapter because he had grown too attached to his characters:

“It was just so hard to write that scene, because I’d been inhabiting Catelyn for so long, and of course I have a lot of affection for Robb, too, although he was never a viewpoint character, and even for some of the minor characters. They’re minor characters but you develop a relationship to them too, and I knew they all were going to die. It was some of the hardest writing I’ve ever done, but it’s also one of the most powerful scenes I’ve ever done.”

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