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What made Rhaenys finally stand in full support of Rhaenyra?




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon has featured several emotional, shocking, and gory moments in equal measure. The final episode of season 1 brought the civil war ‘Dance of the Dragons’ close to the door, and various factions announced their allegiances. However, there are a few who wanted to remain neutral, Princess Rhaenys and the Velaryons of Driftmark, initially. In a most heart-warming manner, we see her finally turn in for Rhaenyra’s support, even managing to sway her husband Corlys Velaryon to the Black Queen’s side.


For a very long time, we have seen Rhaenys harboring a lot of hate for Rhaenyra, ever since her son, Laenor died. She believed it was Rhaenyra who had him killed, despite her urging that it wasn’t her. Rhaenys is a very wise person, and a great observer. She notices how she treats everyone around her, respects Rharnys’ wish to stay neutral, and in general, tries her best to take care of the responsibility thrust upon her.

Among all the lords and knights in the Black Council, Rhaenyra is the only one who refrains from a full-out war. She is the only one urging for a peaceful solution not willing to strike first, hoping to keep the realm united. This makes Rhaenys believe that maybe there was some truth to what Rhaenyra said after all. She sees a part of herself in the Black Queen.

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