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What is the foot scene about in House of the Dragon?



Episode 9 reveals Larys Strong’s weird fetish

Fans are aware that the Game of Thrones franchise does not hold back when showcasing its sexual tendencies, and the prequel House of the Dragon followed closely in its footsteps. The show has featured sensual sequences of many types, from visits to Flea Bottom’s pleasure palaces to the NSFW paintings on the walls of the Targaryen family. Ser Larys Strong’s liking, the Lord of Harrenhal who serves Alicent Hightower, is among the most peculiar of all.

Quick Answer: In the ninth episode of House of the Dragon, it is shown that Larys Strong has risen in status after the death of his father and brother. Becoming Alicent Hightower’s new confidant, he provides information to her, in return for letting him relieve himself watching her feet.

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What happens in episode 9 of House of the Dragon?

House of the Dragon Episode 9 preview shows The Green Council, Meet the Members

After Queen Alicent breaks the news of King Viserys’ demise to the Small Council, panic erupts. The council is divided into two, those who support Aegon’s succession, and the rest; the Rhaenyra loyalists. The loyalists are suppressed into submission, or otherwise killed. Aegon is then searched and found by Alicent’s supporters after which Alicent meets up with Larys.

Larys ‘Clubfoot’ Strong was waiting in her bed chambers, and he was Alicent’s inside guy. With his own network of informants, Larys knew all that went behind the scenes. However, his information is not free. The Queen has to sit in front of him and show him her stocking-covered feet to make him talk. The Clubfoot reveals there’s a web of spies in the Red Keep that is still functioning. But there was something worse.

He pauses for a minute indicating he wanted more to reveal the “worse” news. Alicent then takes off her stockings to show him her bare feet. Larys reveals that Alicent’s lady-in-waiting is one of the spies – and that there are more like her. He even offers to take off the head spy, after which Alicent looks away. She then gives Larys a better view of her feet, and Larys rubs one off looking at them.

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Is the foot fetish scene depicted in Fire & Blood?

Though it is mentioned that Larys did act as Alicent’s ears in Fire & Blood, there is no mention of his sexual proclivities. The subject of Larys’ foot fetish was developed for the show. However, author George R. R. Martin might have known about it, as he has repeatedly confirmed he closely oversees the production of the series.


Why does Larys Strong have a foot fetish?

There have been several theories that have been put forth ever since Episode 9 aired. Some suggest it might be related to him being a “Clubfoot” – i.e., his own lack of proper legs might make him fantasize about someone else’s. However, the widely believed theory purports that it was Larys’ sick kind of power play.

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His ability to make the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms do something so disgusting was a reminder of how much power he holds in King’s Landing. This was also confirmed by Matthew Needham in an interview, where he explained Larys’ need to validate his importance.

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