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What happened to Daemon’s claim to Runestone and House Royce after Episode 5 in House of The Dragon?




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is moving swiftly toward the end of the first season. We have seen several time jumps in the series so far, the eighth episode featured the final one. Some of the events that happened within these time gaps managed to slip in the process of storytelling. Remember the scene where Daemon puts forth his claim to Runestone after being accused of murdering his wife, Rhea Royce, during Rhaenyra’s wedding in episode 5? Whatever happened to that claim? What happened to House Royce after that?

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Daemon also namedrops Lady Jeyne Arryn of Vale during his conversation with Gerald Royce, Rhea’s cousin. Though not necessarily important to the show’s current storyline, Lady Jeyne will play a crucial role during and after the Dance of the Dragons, the event from Fire & Blood the show is based on. And she has a lot to do with what happened behind the scenes during these time gaps.


According to Fire & Blood, in 115 AC, Daemon appeals to Lady Jeyne in the hopes of claiming Runestone for himself. Jeyne not only rejected his claim but also ordered him to leave the Vale of Arryn. She most probably had an idea of what really happened to Rhea Royce. The Runestone castle was then passed down to Rhea’s nephew, who remains unnamed to this day.

Lady Jeyne will play a motherly figure to Aegon the younger after the Dance of the Dragons. Let’s hope we will get to see her soon in the upcoming seasons of House of The Dragon.

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