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Top 5 Moments from House of the Dragon Episode 8



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House of the Dragon Episode 8 seems like the last time we’ll see Alicent and Rhaenyra try to reconcile with each other. The storm is reaching its breaking point, egged on by Ser Otto Hightower. The rift between the greens and the blacks only widens when the sole bridge connecting them breaks. With King Viserys presumably dead, things are about to descend into madness. Here are the top moments from episode 8 titled Lord of the Tides, directed by Geeta V. Patel.

Rhaenys and Baela at Driftmark


The Queen Who Never Was truly can not seem to catch a break. In the opening scene, she says she hasn’t seen her husband and Lord of Driftmark for 6 years. Corlys Velaryon is also gravely injured in the fight for the Stepstones. Vaemond Velaryon boasting that he is the true heir to Driftmark reminds us of how Princess Rhaenys has had to suffer this before.

Rhaenys had to accept the decision of a council of men, who unanimously agreed she can never take the Iron Throne, only because of her gender. The true-born daughter of Corlys’ daughter Laena, Baela Targaryen, is standing right there. But Vaemond instead chooses to take this matter to King’s Landing, ignoring the will of the women present, as well as Rhaenyra’s who accepts Lucerys wholeheartedly.

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Nobody loves Vaemond


Vaemond might have been an excellent knight. He perhaps may have been fit for the title of Lord of Tides. But he must have been lacking in the IQ department for he dared to insult Rhaenyra and her sons openly in court. All of this happens in front of her father, who is the King, and her husband, Daemon; no further explanation needed. The Sea Snake’s younger brother hurled vile insults, which even shocked the greens. Daemon sliced through Vaemond’s head with his Valyrian steel sword, Dark Sister, as if it were water. This move shows the audience the power of Valyrian steel because no normal sword could have done that.

Daemon and Aemond


Aemond has grown up to have a psychotic spark in his eye whenever he witnesses a fight. The young prince looked thoroughly amused as Daemon beheaded Vaemond. In the “strong boys” fight, Aemond only gets on the defense when Daemon steps in between him and the boys. Just when it looked like Aemond is afraid of nothing and no one, Daemon puts him in his place. The two men are the driving forces of their respective sides. In the book, Fire and Blood, Aemond openly acknowledges that the Greens’ biggest barrier to victory is Daemon.

When Jacaerys abruptly stands up after he has had enough of Aegon’s taunts, Aemond stands up as well, as if on reflex. If Aegon is the face, Aemond is the wrath. Jacaerys is subdued because he knows he can not match Aemond in a physical fight. But it is very interesting to see how Aemond and Daemon react similarly when their family is in danger.

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The Strong Boys


Lucerys laughs when a roasted pig is placed right in front of Aemond, a callback to the pink dread in episode 6. Aemond has been waiting to exact his revenge on Luke who was the reason why he lost an eye. Almost everyone made a toast in King Viserys’ presence. But, Aemond makes one after the King leaves. He calls the Velaryon brother “strong boys”, once again calling them bastards.

This fight scene was greatly anticipated by book fans. From the preview for House of the Dragon episode 8, fans guessed that we would see the scene in this episode. It emphasizes the fact that the hatred and rivalry between the children will never recover since that’s all they have known. The Targaryen boys are always on the offense. Jacaerys and Lucerys are younger than them, which makes them easy pickings. Even if their mothers have a moment of warmth towards each other, it’s unlikely their kids ever will.

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End of King Viserys’ reign

fallen-crown viserys episode 8

King Jaehaerys and King Viserys ruled a reign of peace and prosperity. Viserys’ final wish was to see his family happy and in peace. Even though he was in his final moments, unable to even breathe properly, he put on his regalia for his daughter. He made sure he was there when his beloved Rhaenyra needed him. Viserys put on a feast, his last supper, so he could see his family all together for once. He might have been a weak King, but he went above and beyond as a father for Rhaenyra.

Even in his last breaths, he was thinking of his daughter and his true love, his first wife Aemma. His advisors chewed his ear off to have him remove Rhaenyra as his heir, but he stuck to his word. He gave Rhaenyra the freedom and support to live her life as she pleased to an extent. The dying king grasped the air, calling out “My love”. We assume he must be seeing Aemma in his delirious condition. Paddy Considine delivered the performance of a lifetime bringing a character like Viserys to life. He gave the King more nuance, depth, and complexity from start to finish.  Viserys’s death signals the end of peace in the Seven Kingdoms.

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