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“Viserys accepted his fate as punishment”, says House of The Dragon’s Paddy Considine



king Viserys died in episode 8

One of the most heartbreaking episodes of Game of Thrones’ history was House of The Dragon’s eighth episode, “The Lord of the Tides.” The episode depicts the noble King Viserys I Targaryen’s departure from the living world following his last-ditch effort to reunite his family. Fans, critics, and even George R. R. Martin himself praised Paddy Considine for his portrayal of King Viserys.

Viserys accepted his gruesome fate as punishment for killing his wife

Considine talked to Variety about how he sees Viserys’ death, “That’s the guilt that Viserys has carried with him. How she met her end was something that haunted him for the rest of his life. When he started to become sick early on, it was almost a manifestation of the guilt that he felt over Aemma’s death. So he just allowed himself to get sicker and sicker. He never asked for a cure. He never asked for help. Viserys almost accepted his fate, really, as punishment.”


People misunderstood Viserys

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Considine clears up what fans misunderstand about Viserys, “You know, people misunderstood and thought that he’d decided to kill his wife. But that wasn’t the case. She and the baby were both going to die, no matter what, but we could possibly save the child if we perform this procedure, which just turned into butchery.” 

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