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Ty Tennant (young Aegon) to join his father David in Good Omens Season 2



Ty Tennant (young Aegon) to join his father David in Good Omens Season 2

House of The Dragon Season 1 finale has brought us to the door of a full-blown civil war with the now grown-up cast, thanks to the several time jumps we have noticed since the beginning of the series. During one of these time jumps in episode 6, a slightly older version of Aegon II, possibly in his early teens, is played by none other than Ty Tennant, the son of the most famous Doctor Who actor, David Tennant.

Who is Ty Tennant playing in Good Omens Season 2?

Both David Tennant’s son Ty and father-in-law Peter Davison will be joining him in the second season of Good Omens. Tennant stars as the demon Crowley alongside Michael Sheen’s angel Aziraphale, and Ty has been cast as a character called Ennon, while Davison, who’s known for playing the Fifth Doctor in Doctor Who, will play a character called Alistair.

Will Ty Tennant return as young Aegon in House of The Dragon?

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The chances of Ty returning to play a younger version of Aegon are very low, even lower after Milly Alcock who played a younger version of Rhaenyra flat-out refused to return for flashback scenes. However, there are still hopes there might be a few flashback scenes that might require his presence.

When were House of The Dragon season 2 scripts completed?

The news comes from Middle East Film and Comic Con in Abu Dhabi, where Matt Smith (Daemon Targaryen) was a guest and he revealed that he finally received the scripts, although a bit late. He said, “I got all the scripts on Friday, actually. They’re really late. It’s always the way, isn’t it? They always come in so late. I haven’t gotten to the end of it yet”


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