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Troy Baker explains the significance of Joel calling Ellie “baby girl”




The Last of Us Season 1 is close to its finale. The penultimate episode ‘When We Are in Need’ reached a new high, breaking viewership numbers on HBO. It gave the audience a shock through what Ellie had to go through to survive, and warm feelings when she is finally reunited with Joel. The Last of Us video game’s Joel actor Troy Baker, who had a small role in the episode, explained what Joel calling Ellie ‘baby girl’ really meant.

Why did Joel call Ellie ‘baby girl’?

Joel (Pedro Pascal) calling Ellie (Bella Ramsey) ‘baby girl’ was one of the most emotional moments in the show. Baker, in a recent video released by HBO, explained, “‘Baby girl’ is a very important thing in the story of The Last of Us. And it was all on kind of accident. When we were shooting the original game, as Joel carries Sarah to bed, and says good night, and says, “Goodnight, baby girl.” And that’s just a thing about growing up in Texas. ‘Baby girl’ is just something you say.”

Troy Baker Talks The Last of Us Episode 8 & His Cameo | The Last of Us | HBO Max

“Neil says, “What did you just say?” I was like, “I dunno, goodnight?” And he goes, “No, no, what did you call her?” I was like, “Baby girl.” He goes, “That. That is what Joel is going to call Ellie.”

How important is ‘Baby girl’ to The Last of Us’ storyline?

Baker went on to explain, “So for that to culminate in this moment of trauma with Ellie, and for Joel to desperately try and connect with Ellie, and something within him just organically resorts to calling her “baby girl”. That to me is one of the biggest hallmarks of Joel’s healing.”

When does The Last of Us Season 1 finale air?

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The Last of Us Episode 9 titled “Look for the Light,” is the conclusion to season 1. The finale will air next Sunday, March 12 at 9:00 p.m. EST.

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