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Troy Baker talks about the parallels between David and Joel in The Last of Us



HBO’s The Last of Us is its new record-breaking steamroller; surpassing television ratings and viewership records with every new episode. The season 1 finale approaching very soon, while the fans are still reeling with the after-effects of the traumatic events Ellie (Bella Ramsey) just went through. The video game’s original Joel actor, Troy Baker, also played a role in the penultimate episode, and he provided his detailed analysis of the episode in a recent video.

Is David the evilest character in The Last of Us Season 1?

Baker in a video uploaded by HBO explains what he thinks about David, “Here’s why I think David is the worst person: because he never lies to Ellie. He always tells her the truth. David is a very, very savvy, and tyrannical leader. He understands how to control these people. And part of that is ruling by ignorance.”

Troy Baker Talks The Last of Us Episode 8 & His Cameo | The Last of Us | HBO Max

How are David and Joel similar to each other?

Baker went on to explain, “If you look at it from a certain lens, there’s a lot of parallels between he and Joel. Both want to have a sort of paternal relationship. Both are doing anything and everything they can to survive. Both care for the people they are in charge of. But just like we saw with other people through this story, Maria being one of them, a singular event can cause two completely different paths and two different kinds of people.”

When does The Last of Us Season 1 finale air?

The Last of Us Episode 9 titled “Look for the Light,” is the conclusion to season 1. The finale will air next Sunday, March 12 at 9:00 p.m. EST.

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