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Trebuchet spotted in action on the Game of Thrones Magheramorne Quarry set



Game of Thrones has been filming for Season 8 for a while now, and it’s still filming. The production has now moved to theMagheramorne Quarry set, which is the brand new set with a giant green screen. We have seen quick developments on this set, ranging from the Unsullied appearing, to the Army of the Dead. Now, we have some more. We have previously seen a trebuchet being set up and in action, at the King’s Landing set, but now we have one being used on Magheramorne Quarry set too. Read on!

Now, this set has seen a lot of action these days, which has us speculating that there will be some sort of a battle between the Army of the Dead, and the army of the living, and now it looks like there is a trebuchet involved. Thanks to Game of Thrones fan Davy Orr, we have some sweet pictures of that in action:

Looks like preparations for filming tonight. Weather permitting will hopefully get something later.

— Davy Orr (@DavynightorrOrr) April 3, 2018

Easter has come to an end in Northern Ireland and filming at Magheramorne might resume once again for one final week. Over the weekend the set was not voided and gave some clue as to why the green screens have these giant dimensions.

— GoTlike Locations (@GoTlikeLocation) April 3, 2018

Davy Orr also managed to snag a video of the trebuchet being used on an active set, too :

Weather not kind tonight but managed a little bit before heavens opened.

— Davy Orr (@DavynightorrOrr) April 3, 2018

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Now, we don’t see the trebuchet being used, but you can see that it is loaded with something fiery. Now, from what we have seen happening on this set, it looks like the army of the living will be using this trebuchet to fling some fire at the Army of the Dead, which will be a pretty awesome sight. Got any theories of your own? Hit us up in the comments, down below!


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