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Top 5 Moments from House of the Dragon Episode 9




House of the Dragon Episode 9 is the penultimate episode of the first season. Expectations were high as fans wondered what would be happening in the Red Keep after the King’s death, and the show delivered. There were several jaw dropping moments in the 58-minute-long episode. Here are our top picks.

The Green Council conspiracy

House of the Dragon Episode 9 preview shows The Green Council, Meet the Members

The most shocking part of the Green Council, apart from Lord Beesbury’s death was that Queen Alicent was unaware of their plans. The members didn’t mourn Viserys’ death and got straight into the matter of Aegon’s succession. They did not have much discussing to do because it was made clear that everyone was aware of what they had to do next, except Alicent (and Beesbury). Alicent had been preparing for Aegon to take over since the prince was young. So why is she shocked when the council plans to do exactly that? It might have something to do with her reconnecting with Rhaenyra at Viserys’ last supper. She toasts her childhood best friend, addressing her as the future Queen. She even makes it plenty clear that she will not hear a word about murdering Rhaenyra and her family. Perhaps Alicent still has a love for Rhaenyra, but the council absolutely does not, and they never have.

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Aegon’s adventures and bastards


While the Cargyll twins search for the future King to be in the ratpit in Fleabottom, we see a toddler with silvery hair. Ser Arryk asks, shocked, “Aegon’s?”, to which his brother replies, “One of many I’d wager.” This toddler is most likely Gaemon Palehair. He is never legitimized by his father but had a short stint as the next potential king when he was just 4 years old. His mother was a sex worker in the House of Kisses on the Street of Silk. The location is one that Aegon II frequents. Add that to the child’s silver hair, and the parentage confirmation is as good as a DNA test in old Westeros. A woman greets Ser Criston and Prince Aemond at the door of one of the establishments at Street of Silk. She tells the men that Aegon’s tastes are “less discriminatory.” This suggests that the new King Aegon is bisexual or pansexual.

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Lord Clubfoot (Fetishist)


No one saw this coming. Just when we had thought we have seen the most shocking things from the Game of Thrones franchise, the series ups the ante. Though foot fetish is not really taboo, fans found the scene bizarre. We are hinted at what’s to come when the scene cuts to a close-up of Larys’ clubfoot. He sits down and poses a tantalizing question to Queen Alicent, one which he knows she can’t refuse not knowing. The Queen seems used to this as she places her feet in front of him. When she interrogates him further, he does not answer, seemingly in wait for something. He answers her as soon as she removes her stockings. This transaction feels well-oiled, like it has taken place several times over the years. Alicent gives him a clear view of her feet in return for his promise to eliminate Mysaria. She turns away and closes her eyes as Larys touches himself while in the same room as her.

Alicent makes her stand


After a wake up call from Princess Rhaenys, Queen Alicent finally stands up to her father. She stands by her decision and crawls out of Otto Hightower’s grasp. She could have stood by a lot but she could not watch her father order Rhaenyra’s murder in cold blood. The show depicts Alicent Hightower in a much better light than the books and we are grateful for that. Alicent and Rhaenyra’s friendship is in the center of this war. If it were just pure hatred, it would be too easy to make one of them out to be the villain. The soft spot they have for each other gives the audience hope and makes the readers wonder, “how different it could have been for them.”

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Princess Rhaenys’ legendary escape


Rhaenys Targaryen absolutely stole the show with her badass entrance and her escape. She quite literally crashed the party, on her dragon no less. She also fulfilled Helaena’s prophecy from episodes 8 and 9 revealing herself to be the “beast beneath the boards.” Rhaenys could have ended the Greens with just one command but she didn’t. Rhaenys will deliver the message to Rhaenyra at Dragonstone as seen from the preview of episode 10.

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