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Tom Taylor (presumably Cregan Stark) spotted at the House of the Dragon Season 2 wrap-up party




The second season of House of The Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel, just wrapped up production. Fans have shown tremendous love for this fantasy epic, just like they did for its predecessor. They appreciate the captivating characters, engaging plotlines, and immersive settings. However, some fans miss their favorite Houses, such as House Stark, which didn’t receive as much attention in the first series. Fortunately, Season 2 will bring us to Winterfell and introduce us to one of the most beloved Starks ever.

Who might be playing Lord Cregan Stark?

The identity of the young Lord of Winterfell in House of The Dragon might’ve been revealed! Previously kept secret, a recent story shared by the Twitter account House the Dragons, known for accurate show-related news, disclosed that Tom Taylor, known for his role in The Last Kingdom, is the most likely candidate to portray Lord Cregan Stark. Can’t wait to see him in action!

Tom Taylor attended House of the Dragon wrap-up party

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The theory has gained more traction as Taylor was recently spotted at the House of the Dragon wrap-up Party that was held last Sunday. Actress Parker Lapaine, rumored to play one of the dragonseeds, can also be seen in the picture. Not too long ago, Harry Collett (Jacaerys) posted a now-deleted picture teasing Cregan Stark, and there are speculations he actually went to the party with Taylor.

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