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The Hunger Games’ Katniss inspired Bella Ramsey to become an actor



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The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey is currently making headlines with their new character in the show, Ellie. They won millions of hearts playing the young and brave Lyanna Mormont on the HBO fantasy epic, Game of Thrones, even though their role was short-lived. Ramsey recently revealed what made them pick up acting as their career.

Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in The Hunger Games inspired Bella Ramsey

In a recent interview with L’OFFICIE, Ramsey recalled, “I didn’t really grow up watching many movies or TV shows to be honest. I didn’t know if I really processed this like ‘I want to be an actor,’ but I remember watching Jennifer Lawrence and being like ‘I want to do that’.”

Why does Bella Ramsey avoid looking at her Game of Thrones scenes?

In an interview with Vanity Fair, she explained why she doesn’t like watching her own performance in Game of Thrones, “What I do mind is watching myself and then realizing that everyone else is seeing it, too. That’s when it’s weird. I liken it to looking back at your Instagram posts and captions when you’re 18. You’re not that person anymore. You’re not posting inspirational quotes anymore.” 

How does Bella Ramsey feel when someone is watching her Game of Thrones scenes with her?

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She recalled when her mom put on her Game of Thrones scenes while watching TV with her, “I can’t do it anymore. Sometimes my mom will just pull it up and watch it and I’m like, “Stop it. Cut it out.” Yeah. No, that’s not fun. I used to be a lot worse with it. I really used to not be able to stand it. But now I think enough time has passed. That was eight years ago now for me. I feel like I’m officially entering middle age.”

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