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Steve Toussaint (Corlys) reveals the code word that was used for House of The Dragon




Steve Toussaint has achieved a lot in his career, going from a genie in a pantomime to starring in one of the most popular TV shows. As he prepares to star in House of The Dragon, he talks about being papped and why the series’ success shouldn’t be taken for granted. He’s worked hard to get where he is, and he’s an inspiration to many people who aspire to have a career in acting.

Corlys Velaryon, played by Steve Toussaint, is one of the leads in House of The Dragon. His role is especially important because he is one of the few Black actors in the show. He is always seen with a beard and a huge, grey, dreadlocked wig, which makes his presence even more powerful.

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Steve Toussaint talks about his House of the Dragon journey


He’s had a glimpse into his potential future, as House of The Dragon was an instant success when it was announced. This is rare for most projects, and he knows he’ll have to bring his A-game to this role. When asked about his code name during a recent interview, the actor replied:

“Our code name was Red Gun. When we first went down to Cornwall, during the second or third week of shooting, our faces and costumes had to be covered in these black cloaks. We were like: ‘No one cars,’ but then the next day in the news there were these photos of us on the beach. We realized: ‘Oh wow, no, this is a bigger deal than we thought.”

Toussaint initially had his sights set on being in another prequel, but fate had other plans when he landed the role of House of the Dragon. He recalled meeting an actress a while back, and while their conversation didn’t amount to anything then, he’s glad they crossed paths again. To this, he echoed that:

At a meeting for a Steve McQueen thing I did a couple of years ago, I bumped into a lovely actress who had made a pilot for a Game of Thrones spin-off.

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Steve Toussaint’s casting in House of The Dragon has us excited! We can’t wait to see how he brings the character to life. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below!

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