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Steve Toussaint on War of the Stepsons and Corlys’ Axe in House of the Dragon



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The War for the Stepstones is Corlys Velaryon‘s time to shine. He’s the Lord of Driftmark, head of House Velaryon, and one of the most influential people in Westeros. He’s not interested in the wine-drinking and squabbling of the king’s Small Council. He’d rather be trekking across the ocean on his ship the Sea Snake or in the middle of a battlefield.

While Toussaint was preparing to sprint across the sand, he thought about some of the things he said to his costars, Fabien Frankel and Graham McTavish. He was wearing full Velaryon armor at the time.

Toussaint on the War of the Stepsons


In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Steve Toussaint (57) said, referring to the final clash in the War of the Stepsons, that –

Throughout the filming process, both Fabien and Graham would make complaints about how uncomfortable the armor was. ‘Oh, it’s digging in here. Ahh! I’m in pain.’ We’d just go, ‘Oh, shut up, deal with it.’ Then when I finally had mine on, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I understand what you mean. Oh, it hurts!

“And also underneath the armor, I just remembered I’m wearing this very heavy… tunic, I suppose. Very heavy and very thick. Of course the armor isn’t real metal, but it’s some sort of hard plastic. Your movements are suddenly incredibly restricted. It became something of a torture chamber, actually — a walking torture chamber. But hopefully it’ll look good anyway.”

I think the joy, if that can be the word, in slaughter to him is just that life is simpler here,” the actor added referring to the other side of the character.

Steve Toussaint appreciated Corlys’ Axe


The actor also appreciated the axe and said that it reminds him of Mike Tyson‘s famous saying – “Every punch is thrown with bad intentions.”

I think with Corlys, that’s a weapon that takes people out with a blow. Whereas the sword fight is a fight. You learn to parry and to twist into all that. [Corlys is] just like, ‘Let’s get all that crap out of the way. I’m going to take you from the shoulders to your navel, and that’ll be the end of it,” the actor added.

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