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Rhaenyra Targaryen was described as a ‘Punk Princess’ to Milly Alcock during her audition for House of The Dragon




Getting a role in a Game of Thrones project sounds like a dream come true, and the upcoming prequel House of The Dragon provided Milly Alcock with the perfect platform to showcase her skills. She hit the jackpot with the role, playing a very significant figure in the history of Westeros, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. The aspect of portraying someone so important was scary at first for the young actress, but she delivered every aspect of her character perfectly.

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In the most recent episode of the Official Game of Thrones podcast, Milly talked about her audition process, saying she virtually had no prior knowledge about it. She recalled, “We didn’t really. I mean we signed up a bunch of NDAs. It said “HBO prequel” show. Like it was really fu*king vague. And all of it basically had the outline for Rhaenyra but they didn’t specify who she was or what her relationship was like in the world. It was just like fantasy.”

“She’s a princess. She’s a punk. They loved using the term ‘punk princess’.”

She continued, “Emma and me, we were a bit like, “What does that mean?” I didn’t really know what it was until I was auditioning with my friend. And he was like, “Oh s*it! This is a scene from Game of Thrones.” And I was like, “What?” He said, “This is a scene from Game of Thrones! You idiot!” And it was the Arya Stark needle scene.”

She further recalls her first reaction to learning about what she was auditioning for, thinking she wouldn’t get it, but she did, and the rest is history.

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