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Spotify sees a 4900% increase in U.S. streams of Linda Ronstadt’s “Long Long Time” after The Last Of Us episode 3



The Last of Us Episode 3

Music is food for the soul. Even those who can’t read or write understand the language of music. Humanity has relied on music since ancient times as one of the best ways of relaxation. It calms the nerves and sometimes even helps you concentrate better. The rise of TV culture also led to greater popularity and better access to a wide variety of shows and films, music being an essential part of them. From amazing themes for shows like Game of Thrones, to bringing a song back from the dead as Stranger Things did with ‘Running up That Hill’, we have seen several tunes catch up with us, turning into an earworm. The Last of Us did something very similar recently.

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HBO has had an amazing start to 2023, thanks to the success of the video game adaptation of The Last of Us. Fans have been pouring a lot of love into the zombie apocalypse series, which stars Game of Thrones alums Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. The third episode, however, shifted the focus away from the lead characters, the reserved and eccentric Bill (Nick Offerman) and the friendly and gentle Frank (Murray Bartlett). The gay couple’s arc has been described as one of the most beautiful episodes ever written in television history, with Linda Ronstadt’s “Long Long Time” highlighting their amazing relationship.

Long Long Time ago saw a 4900% increase in U.S. streams on Spotify after the third episode was released, on Sunday 29th, between 11 PM and midnight ET, indicating the massive popularity of the series.

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