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Shauna’s birthing scene in Yellowjackets was inspired by House of The Dragon



Rhaenyra's birthing scene

Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon season 1 was chock full of emotions. Both the pilot and the finale showcased a brutal birthing scene. While in the pilot, Viserys watched his wife Aemma die after being opened up to save the baby, losing both of them in the process, in the finale, we see Daemon ignoring Rhaenyra’s calls during the birth of their baby, and the baby’s death thereafter. Showtime’s Yellowjacket recently aired a birthing scene as well, and it appears that House of The Dragon inspired parts of it.

Sophie Nélisse watched House of The Dragon to prepare for her character’s birthing scene

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sophie Nélisse recalled how she prepared for the birthing scene in Yellowjackets, “No, they just gave me the script a few days, maybe a week before. And I was like, “Oh, God, I have so much to do in this.” And I was so scared.”


(L-R): Jasmin Savoy Brown as Teen Taissa, Sophie Thatcher as Teen Natalie and Sophie Nélisse as Teen Shauna in YELLOWJACKETS

“I watched a lot of birthing videos and birthing scenes, from House of the Dragon, there is a pretty big one, and The Handmaid’s Tale. So I watched those and it could have gone both ways, honestly. When I read it, I really was thinking the baby made it. And then it was just really sad to see that it doesn’t make it. It was also hard because we were shooting with a real baby, who would always cry. So we had to stop mid-scene and mid-emotion to bring the baby back. Shooting with a newborn is also really hard.”

When does Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 7 air?

Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 7 will air on Paramount+ on May 14, 2023, at 9:00 PM EST.

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