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San Francisco gets its own Game of Thrones styled title sequence | Wiki of Thrones



Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows on the face of the planet, and there are quite a few things that set it apart from all the other big shows. One of the most unique things about the show is the opening title sequence, which is not only unusually long for a TV show, but also really awesome. How would you like it if your own city got a title sequence in the same style? Well, fans of the show from San Francisco can rejoice, as the city has just been given its own Game of Thrones styled title sequence. Read on!

Now, if you have been keeping up, you will be knowing that Game of Thrones now has a cross promotional deal with Major League Baseball (MLB), and we have been seeing a lot of fun bits coming out from the partnership. The latest of these comes from the San Francisco Giants, who have upgraded the Game of Thrones title sequence for their own city. The Giants tweeted the video out from their official Twitter account. Watch it below :

.@GameOfThrones Night is coming to SF on 7/20! #HouseOfPence Bobblehead: #GoTMLB #WeAreSF #WinterIsComing #SFGiants

— San Francisco Giants (@SFGiants) June 21, 2017

A lot of details have been changed to fit the theme of the city and the team. First off, a huge baseball is shown to rotate inside the Game of Thrones logo. The iconic Golden Gate Bridge is then shown rising from the water, and the visual pans to cover all the important landmarks from the city, like the Alactraz prison, the Palace of Fine Arts, Chinatown, City Hall, and the home stadium of the Giants, the AT&T Park. The video also pays a tribute to the Giants right fielder Hunter Pence, with a House of Pence bobblehead shown at the end.

The video aims to promote the Game of Thrones night held by the team, which take place on 20th of July. Fans have been asked to come dressed like their favorite characters from the show. Are you planning on going for this one? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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