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Here are some photos and video from the Game of Thrones sets in the Ruins of Italica | Wiki of Thrones



Game of Thrones is set to begin filming in Spain for season 7 during late October, and since the month has already begun, production is setting up at filming locations pretty quickly now. Spanish website Los Siete Reinos has some interesting pictures and videos of the production loading into one of the more anticipated locations this season. These videos and images are from the location known as Roman Ruins of Italica, which is possibly going to act as the Dragonpit in King’s Landing. The website says that although load in is underway, at this point the area is still open to the public and anyone can walk up and take pictures.

Mostly Game of Thrones is known to keep a lot of mystery shrouded around filming, but apparently it isn’t so this time. In the picture below, you can see that the covering of this part of the pit is green, suggesting that this is a green screened out area where something will be added during post production. This is probably why the production is not worried about flash photography and visitors being given access.

For the following image is of down in the pit where the white tent is usually an actor/production resting spot, so perhaps these sunken columns will be used as they are.

We wonder if this area will be from King’s Landing where Daenerys and Tyrion might arrive with the fleet.

Here’s a video shared by Watchers on the Wall on set:

There’s also a smaller piece of information which says that the Dragonpit will appear in one of the final episodes of season 7. This gives us way to go ahead and speculate.

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