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Ramin Djawadi explains why House of The Dragon uses the same intro song as Game of Thrones




The second episode of House of the Dragon featured the show’s main title credits for the first time. And the fans were confused as well as delighted to notice that it borrows heavily from the style of the original Game of Thrones series. While it’s not entirely surprising that House of the Dragon would use a similar animation style for its opening credits, the music is certainly unexpected. House of the Dragon uses the exact same theme music as Game of Thrones.

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In the most recent episode of the Official Game of Thrones Podcast, the show’s music composer Ramin Djawadi explained why House of The Dragon uses the same intro theme as Game of Thrones.

He said, “The main theme since the beginning, well the intention was always that that’s a theme that stands for everybody. Right? That’s the overarching theme for the whole show. when we feel there’s something of high importance we can say okay, now it is time to use the main theme. And this goes back to the original show, where we did not use it until the later episodes – Episodes 9 and 10 – that’s when we said okay, now it’s time to start using [it].”

“Same now in House of the Dragon. Where we felt towards the end of the episode, this is obviously of such significance, let’s use the “Main Title” theme.”

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