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Pedro Almodóvar says Pedro Pascal is being ‘pigeonholed’ into same kind of roles



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A devastated man who has lost everything meets a little orphan who must be relocated, and the two end up developing an unshakable friendship. This is the same narrative that made Pedro Pascal the ruler of 2023. However, Pascal has a lot more to offer in terms of acting, and filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar has seen his potential firsthand.

Pedro Almodóvar feels “people are pigeonholing” Pedro Pascal

Almodóvar recently worked with Pascal in his indie movie “Strange Way of Life” and has been in awe of his talents ever since. He told The Independent, “He really is an actor. He can do comedy and drama. He can do musicals and classical theatre. I feel like people are pigeonholing him.”

“One of my hopes is that, after people see ‘Strange Way of Life,’ a light bulb might go off in people’s heads and they’ll say, ‘He can do more than what we’re employing him to do.’ Not only epic roles! I don’t have anything against epic roles, but he is more well-rounded as an actor than that.”

“Strange Way of Life” shows off Pedro Pascal’s range

In an earlier interview with IndieWire, the director said, “I think it really shows a range of registers he can hit that people haven’t given him yet. I hope the audience can appreciate that.”

“I loved the idea of Pedro addressing an era of cinema in a location that held the physical history of some of our most beloved and rebellious Westerns,” Pascal told IndieWire. “There’s something so much more intimate about being under the singularity of someone’s vision. Even more so when it’s a vision that has been such influence over your creative inspiration.”

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