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Night’s Watch spotted on House of the Dragon set in leaked photos




Game of Thrones is referenced a number of times in House of the Dragon, and although the series stands on its own the popularity of the original show helped the prequel. We saw places we hadn’t seen since Game of Thrones, thanks to the new HBO epic, and it now seems that another cold locale may be making a quick comeback. The Wall is anticipated to show up in Season 2.

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The Night’s Watch enters the scene in Bourne Wood

Quite recently, another set close to the place where the Battle of Rook’s Rest is being filmed was discovered by various sources, which was covered with snow artificially. A few hours ago, several extras wearing the costume of the Night’s Watch were spotted by Redanian Intelligence.

Why should House of the Dragon visit The Wall again?

The Wall is one of the harshest and most recognized locations to have ever appeared on Game of Thrones. We haven’t yet reached the North in House of the Dragon. According to Season 1, Jacaerys must go to the North to ask for help from Cregan Stark, the Warden of the North.

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