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Meet the actors playing the grown up next-gen royals on House of the Dragon




House of the Dragon has seen many of the cast grow by introducing new actors, and there will be more in episode 8. We said goodbye to young Alicent and Rhaenyra by episode 5, and episode 7 will mark the last time we’ll see their young children. After another time jump of around half a decade, let’s meet the new princes, princess, and ladies who will be moving the show forward.

Tom Glynn-Carney as Prince Aegon Targaryen

aegon targaryen tom gylnn-carney

Prince Aegon is King Viserys and Queen Alicent Hightower’s first child. Tom Glynn-Carney will now play the new king-to-be and Princess Rhaenyra’s direct adversary to the throne. The English actor is currently 27 years old and is known for his roles in Dunkirk and The King.

Ewan Mitchell as Prince Aemond Targaryen

adult aemond targaryen house of the dragon

Adult Aemond Targaryen

Younger brother to Aegon, and rider of Vhagar, Aemond Targaryen, also known as Aemon One Eye, will be played by Ewan Mitchell. Born in 2002, the English actor is known for his roles in The Last Kingdom and The Trigger Point. Among the latest cast of the new generation of children, he has created the most hype with his eye-patch and overall up-to-no-good look for the series.

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Phia Saban as Princess Helaena Targaryen

phia-saban helaena targaryen

Queen Alicent’s only daughter, and Prince Aegon’s future sister-wife, Princess Helaena, will be played by Phia Saban. The 24-year-old was also in The Last Kingdom. Helaena’s character is unanimously loved by all the book fans, regardless of which side they support. So fans are excited to see her performance as the sweet and lovely Helaena.

Harry Collett as Prince Jacaerys Velaryon


Princess Rhaenyra and Laenor Velaryon’s eldest child, Jacaerys Velaryon, will be played by Harry Collett. The British actor was born in 2004, and his most notable roles are in Dolittle alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Casualty. He will be around 17 years old in the show in episode 8.

Elliot Grihault as Prince Lucerys Velaryon


Jacaerys’ younger brother and the little kid who deprived young Aemond of his left eye will be played by Elliot Grihault. His only known credit is playing a young Harry Potter of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child’s West End production.

Bethany Antonia as Lady Baela Targaryen


First child, of Lady Laena Velaryon and Prince Daemon Targaryen’s children, Baela, was named after her paternal grandfather Baelon Targaryen. She will be played by Bethany Antonia of Netflix’s Get Even. Baela Targaryen is also a dragon rider. Her dragon is named Moondancer.

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Phoebe Campbell as Lady Rhaena Targaryen


Rhaena Targaryen is the younger twin sister of Baela Targaryen. Although the show seems to have given the sisters a noticeable age gap. Rhaena was known to be a great beauty with songs and poems written about her. She and her sister were beloved by the smallfolk. The Targaryen sisters are now half-sisters to Rhaenyra’s children since her marriage to Daemon Targaryen in episode 7.

Princes Daeron Targaryen and Joffrey Velaryon

The third son and last child of Queen Alicent Hightower is still unconfirmed to be appearing on the show. We saw Prince Joffrey Velaryon as a newborn but no actor has been confirmed in his role for the adult version. Whether we’ll see them on the series or not is a waiting game.

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