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Early House of the Dragon Episode 8 reviews say it is the best one yet!



greens house of the dragon episode 8 alicent with her children

All the episodes of House of the Dragon’s first season so far have lived up to the audience’s expectations. This is not an easy feat considering the massive impact of its predecessor Game of Thrones. Judging by what some critics have to say, looks like the House of the Dragon episode 8 will also serve more of the signature drama and heartbreak we expect from the series.

Episode 8 is titled ‘Lord of the Tides’. The matter of Driftmark’s inheritance is under discussion after Lord Corlys Velaryon lost both his children. Looks like Vaemond is eyeing the Driftmark throne.  The preview for the episode informs us that Corlys is severely injured as well. This episode will introduce the grown-up children and Daniel Roman has stated that casting Ewan Mitchell as Aemond was a genius move. One of his tweets also hints at Syrax devouring a character (we won’t give spoilers on who it will be!)

It will be safe to say that the next episode will leave us on the edge of our seats. Daemon and Rhaenyra will sail to King’s Landing with their children and we can expect tensions to rise when the green children share the room with them. With the whole cast back in the Red Keep, House of the Dragon episode 8 is bound to be mind-blowing.

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