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Neil deGrasse Tyson reviews Game of Thrones season 7 premiere and is surprised to see no nudity in it



As the much awaited Game of Thrones season 7 premiere episode ‘Dragonstone’ continues to thrash records with an overwhelming 16.1 million viewers across globe, much-celebrated astrophysicist has released his own critique of the series opener. Tyson says that he was astonished not to witness any pair of boobs in the entire episode, which is indeed unusual.

I’m Down Under and I had to, like, hack into three different computer systems to see the thing,” says Tyson, jokingly. “No, but we did see it legitimately. It is fascinating how much they’re investing in this world that they’ve created,” says Tyson.

Tyson is currently occupied in Australia for a series of shows, for a new video game ‘Space Odyssey’, which describes itself as “an awe-inspiring gaming experience of galactic exploration and colonization.” The game is currently raising funds via its kickstarter and renowned personalities such as Bill Nye, Neil Gaiman and also George R.R. Martin have helped in conception of numerous of the game’s galaxies.

Tyson talked thoroughly about Game of thrones premiere that witnessed Arya’s sequence of cold blooded massive assassination, the growing tension between Sansa and Jon, the famous Ed Sheeran cameo and the inclusion of a new, nasty and sadistic villain- Euron.

Interestingly, it had no boobs in it!”(laughing). I think the best part was the end just because that sets up the whole season right there—coming back to the castle and everyone gazing upon it. Initially, I thought the scene was a little too extended, like alright I get it everyone’s coming back, but you need that to develop the mood for future episodes.


Here he is talking about the scene where Daenerys returns to Dragonstone, and the panoramic display of the Dragonstone castle. As rare the occasion it may be, but it is not the first time when the fans did not witness any nudity throughout the entire episode. Last season of Game of Thrones fans witnessed a draught of bareness right away from the 6th episode to the penultimate episode.

For me, Game of Thrones is not so much why everyone else likes it, but I like that they’re creating a world that needs to be self-consistent,Winter is coming, so what does that mean? I’m thinking about it as an astrophysicist: What kind of planet would that be? What kind of orbit would it have? What kind of star is it? It’s clearly not Earth, although they’re all humans — well, except for the dragons,” says Tyson about his perception of Game of Thrones.

Photo: Helen Sloan

When asked about any predictions, that he would make for the ongoing season, his answer was plain. “No predictions. I’m bad at that, Evidence: From the original Star Trek series, which I saw in real-time, I was confident in the future of warp drives, photon torpedoes, transporters, but those doors that magically opened just by approaching them was an impossible thing to me. So don’t come to me for predictions.

However, he goes on to applaud the magical world of Game of Thrones that George R. R. Martin with assistance of show’s creators D.B Weiss and David Benioff have created.

Love their ‘world.’ Especially their ‘winter,’ the wall of ice, and other climactic (ab)normalities. Also, that the dragons are anatomically correct, with forelimbs becoming the wings (as in bats), rather than having separate wings sprouting from their backs, which has no precedent in Earth’s biodiversity. Create any world you want, just make it self-consistent, and base it on something accessible. I’m a big fan of mark Twain’s quote: ‘First get your facts straight. Then distort them at your leisure.’” said the science wizard.

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