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Game of Thrones season 7 plot leak: Real, or just good guess work?



Warning! SPOILER ALERT!! It was only a matter of time. Since filming for Season Seven of Game of Thrones began, the series has been plagued by leaks, like Tyrion’s lone ship in the Battle of the Blackwater. Photographs from the set and video footage of scenes in the process of being filmed have given fans insight into the next destination of their favorite characters, as well as a notion of where the series is heading. Yet, after a substantial plot leak by reddit user awayforthelads (whose account has since been mysteriously deleted), the entire storyline for season seven is now only a click away, for those too curious to wait.

I tend to avoid spoilers, for the simple reason that I’ve invested so much into Game of Thrones, I’d rather wait and see the finished article than piece together the plot from images and blurred footage. That being said, as I read about the season seven plot leak from one of the many media outlets that broke the story, something caused my finger to twitch indecisively over a hyperlink which would redirect me to the spoilers. I took a breath and tapped. The link brought me to a reddit page where another userhad bullet-pointed awayforthelads original leak. ‘I think that he is legit,but i am not 100% sure’, dimbismp writes. Well, after reading the list a fair few times, I can now tell you that the leak, for the most part, is totally ‘UN-LEGIT’.

Three things brought me to this conclusion. Three things that are so glaringly obvious, like Joffrey’s blond hair, I’m shocked no mainstream media outlet has noticed them and called bulls**t.

According to the mainstream Media and evidence from other Reddit users, leaked photographs and sightings of actors in certain locations corroborate the leak. Yet, they’ve got it the wrong way round. The photographs don’t corroborate the plot leak. They enable it. This, combined with a decent knowledge of Game of Thrones and a general gist of plot direction means that these leaks are really just good guesswork. I’ll explain.

Here is one of the so-called plot leaks – ‘Tyrion and Jon have a few scenes together’. Isn’t this just a bit obvious? The fact that Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke have been snapped filming together suggests the characters will encounter each other in Season Seven. Tyrion is with Danny. Therefore, of course Tyrion and Jon are going to have scenes together! Here’s another – ‘Bran will cross the wall during E01. He will arrive at Winterfell by E03’. Again, this is an obvious assumption based on the fact that the last time we saw Bran he was looking up at the wall with Meera. Also, the distance between Castle Black and Winterfell is vast, so it’d take him at least an episode to get home! Finally, my favorite ‘plot leak’: ‘Varys doesn’t want the throne…’ Yep. That’s right. Varys doesn’t want the throne, who’d have thought? He’s only mentioned his desire for ‘the good of the realm’ about a thousand times throughout the series.

The second thing that really undermines the authenticity of the plot leak: Valar Morghulis, ‘all men must die.’ Yet, apparently only three big characters perish in Season Seven, these being Little Finger, Berric Dondarrion and Danny’s beloved Viserion. This really doesn’t seem like Game of Thrones, does it? Where is the heartbreak? Where is the emotional turmoil? In every series big charactershave died, Ned, Rob and co at The Red Wedding, Tywin, Joffrey, Stannis, the slaughter at the end of Season 6! Are we really to believe that only three somewhat main characters die? Hardly. There will be heartache. Someone we love will die. As we know, all men must.

The final thing. Bran was missing from Season 5. By the end of Season Six, he was the new ‘Three Eyed Raven’, a person of huge importance. ‘The Nights watch can’t stop them, all the armies of Westeros can’t stop them’, Jojen Reed tells Sam in season four, referring to the White Walkers. ‘But you can?’ Sam replies.

Bran is positioned throughout Season 6 as the only hope of defeating the Night’s King and the Army of the Dead. Yet, according to the the plot leak, his role in Season Seven is to play peace maker for Arya and Sansa, after Little Finger causes friction between the pair, and act as an vessel for flashbacks. Surely, he’s more important than that? If not, then the Night King will absolutely destroy him!

However, there is one leak that could be credible and, if it is, then oh my god! According to awayforthelads, Viserion will die at the hand of the Night’s King and be resurrected as his mount. That means Ice Dragon Vs Fire Dragon! If this is true, then a popular fan theory will be turned on its head. When Aegon Targaryen landed in Westeros, he was one of three dragon riders. As we know, Danny has three Dragons. She rides Drogon, but who will ride the other two? Well, if the Night King rides Viserion, that leaves only one more dragon and one more dragon rider. Surely it’ll be Jon Snow, the only other Targaryen? Mind blowing!

So there we are, my thoughts on the recent Season Seven plot leak. I could be totally wrong, everything awayforthelads leaked might indeed happen. Saying that, most of it is just obvious plot development anyway. However, we shall see come the summer. Or should I say, the winter?

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