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Michelle Fairley wasn't the original choice to play Catelyn Stark on Game of Thrones



The beauty of Game of Thrones was that it had some of the most powerful female characters of all time. Characters like Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clarke and Cersei Lannister portrayed by Lena Headey will be etched to memories forever. We are also pretty sure that the fans have not forgotten the strong character of Catelyn Stark played with aplomb by Michelle Fairley. However, did you know that Fairley wasn’t the original choice to play the lady of the house of Starks? Read on to find out more!

It has almost been 7 years since the famous episode of ‘Red Wedding‘ aired. That episode marked the end of various characters including Catelyn Stark in a brutal death sequence. However, until then Catelyn Stark had developed into a fierce, strong and independent character on the show. Michelle Fairley had a lot to do with how that character turned into one of the audience’s favorites. However, it turns out not Michelle Fairley but Jennifer Ehle was the original choice to play the lady.

As per Screenrant, Ehle had already shot the unaired pilot of Game of Thrones and was supposed to play the role of Catelyn Stark. As the luck would have it, the pilot was received poorly by network and had to be reshot with the new cast as well as the new director. Ehle decided against reshooting her sequence as she had just become a mother and thought it would be too soon.

Well, Ehle’s loss was Fairley’s gain and she indeed made the most of it. Let us know your views on the news. Comment section is all yours!

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