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Lena Headey Makes A Killer Team With Karen Gillan in Gunpowder Milkshake Trailer



The cast of Game of Thrones consisted of a host of highly talented actors. Some of them had their careers set up by the show. They sort of grew up with the series, like Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark). Others were already famous and highly decorated, like Lena Headey, who played the villainous Lion Queen Cersei Lannister. Headey will now play the lead role in the movie Gunpowder Milkshake.

The movie’s first trailer, which was released on Tuesday, introduces us to Sam, played by Karen Gillan (Guardian of the Galaxy, Jumanji), a second-generation assassin whose mother (Lena Headey) abandoned her years earlier. However, Sam must reunite with her mother in order to save an eight-year-old girl after a job goes wrong. The two call on a society of underground hitwomen including Carla Gugino (Watchmen), Angela Bassett (Black Panther), and Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon).

There are Gatling guns, characters diving over countertops, mysterious old libraries, car fights, a shootout in a ’50s-style diner. Of course, the movie’s fights have more than just shooting in them. There’s also some hand-to-hand combat, and at least one instance of a character rushing into battle with just two hammers.

Lena has also joined the TV adaptation of Hugh Howey’s sci-fi novel Beacon 23. Are you excited about the upcoming guns-blazing action movie? Tell us in the comments below!


The year 2020 was a Red Wedding for humanity. In times like these, we often wish for a superhero to have existed in reality. Even though we don’t have superheroes in real life, we do have superhero movies to help us get through tough times. Marvel Cinematic Universe has provided some of the most entertaining superhero movies in the past two decades. And they plan to expand their universe even more. What’s better than seeing our favourite stars donning the cape? We know that Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden and Kit Harington will star in MCU’s Eternals. The studio just released a teaser trailer for the upcoming superhero movie. Check it out below!

Eternals is Zhao’s first film to arrive after her Oscar win in April for Nomadland. She made history at the ceremony when she became the second woman and first woman of colour to take home the prize for Best Director.

The movie also stars Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, Kumail Nanjiani, Lauren Ridloff and Brian Tyree Henry. The story features a battle against The Deviants, amid bleak landscapes, filled with storms and explosions. The trailer ends with the group discussing who would lead The Avengers in the absence of Iron Man.

Eternals is scheduled for release in theatres on Nov. 5, 2021. Are you excited about the upcoming Marvel movie? Tell us in the comments below!

In the performance industry, sibling entertainers hold a special place. From the Jackson 5 to Oasis and The Beach Boys, we have enjoyed their amazing performances live on stage as well as on TV. Toby Sebastian, who played Trystane Martell on Game of Thrones, is a renowned musician as well. He recently collaborated with his sister, Florence Pugh, on a recent project. Check it out below!

Sebastian worked on the song Midnight for two years alone. He enlisted his sister’s help when she made a flying visit to the family’s Oxford home. “The timing was wonderful,” he said. “We could never have planned it.”

The acting siblings’ father is Clinton Pugh, who owns Café Coco, Kazbar and Café Tarifa in Oxford. Sebastian (Real name Sebastian Toby Pugh) says teaming up with his sister on the self-released single was ‘wonderful‘.

He said, “I left the studio and when I got home Flo was back. I hadn’t seen her for a long time because of Covid and it was just amazing to all be together. My mum asked ‘have you played her the song? Don’t you fancy some backing vocals from your sister? Although I hadn’t even thought about it, something about it felt right, totally in the moment and organic.”

“It’s funny how things go,” he added. “I can’t imagine the song without Flo’s voice on it now. Her voice is so different to mine, she has such an interesting tone and so much depth. In true Pugh fashion it really was a last-minute decision to sing it together.”

Another Game of Thrones alum Jacob Anderson is also a famous musician. Do check out their work and tell us how you feel in the comments below!

Game of Thrones showcased some of the finest warriors in fantastical television history. Out of all the warriors on the show, Ser Gregor Clegane (The Mountain) was the most feared of all. How did they make the character so fierce? The Mountain was played by the world’s strongest man Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson himself! Björnsson is preparing hard for his highly anticipated boxing battle with rival Eddie Hall. The former strongman is learning every possible move he can, including grappling.

Björnsson recently got into a grappling match with UFC welterweight Gunnar Nelson. While Nelson certainly maintained a technical advantage, Bjornsson more than held his own for the majority of the time. He used his sheer size and power to break free of many potential submissions.

Despite Bjornsson having no prior experience in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Nelson was impressed with the way he was able to manipulate his body weight to prevent himself from being put into bad positions or getting out of submissions when he got himself into trouble.

“I’ve been wanting for a long time because a lot of my friends have been saying, I have no chance against you on the floor,” Bjornsson said to Nelson on a video posted to his YouTube channel. “I’m just interested. To see if the technique and the experience are going to overcome the strength. Not only the strength but also the body weight.”

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Are you excited about the Mountain’s big fight? Talk to us in the comments below!


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