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Secretlab Launches Limited Edition Game of Thrones Iron Anniversary Gaming Chair



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Game of Thrones celebrated its 10th anniversary on the 17th last month, and fans all over the world were highly excited. The entire month was celebrated as the Iron anniversary at HBO. The Iron Anniversary included a range of features and events for Game of Thrones viewers. From personalized HBO Max episode curations, a Game of Thrones ‘MaraThrone‘ and more throughout the month. Many famous brands such as Fabergé and Funko joined the celebrations by releasing special merchandise on the occasion. Secretlab joined the party a little late, but its product is equally stunning. They have launched a special edition gaming chair in honour of the show’s 10-year-anniversary.

10 years. 8 seasons. 1 throne. Take the Iron Throne for yourself with the Secretlab Game of Thrones Iron Anniversary Edition chair. Find your perfect fit — available for both the Secretlab OMEGA and TITAN. #GameofThrones #IronAnniversary

— Secretlab (@secretlabchairs) May 25, 2021

Secretlab has also showcased a limited Iron Anniversary Edition Lumbar Pillow. They claim to provide the fans with the feeling of ruling over Westeros with the complete set of collector’s items. Like other Secretlab chairs, the Iron Throne Anniversary Edition will be sold in both the Omega and the Titan variants.

The Omega has a more bucket-like seat with a lumbar pillow and is better suited for those who prefer a tighter fit. The Titan has a flat base and a built-in lumbar support feature for a roomier experience. Special edition Omega chairs typically go for $389 while the larger Titan versions go for $429.

What do you think of the special edition gaming chair? Talk to us in the comments below!


The Red Wedding year 2020 was a difficult year for everyone across the globe. The world is still battling the consequences of the aftermath. The COVID-19 pandemic was one of the worst scares of the Long Night we faced last year. Health workers all over the world are keeping their life on the line trying to keep people safe. These COVID-warriors are working day and night to prevent the further spread of the virus. Game of Thrones stars like Kristofer Hivju beat the infection with the help of these warriors. The Duchess of Cambridge and Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke have come together to thank the nurses for their incredible services.

The Nursing Now campaign was launched three years ago. Emilia Clarke is an ambassador and the Duchess of Cambridge a patron of the campaign. It was launched to better connect nurses from different countries in the first-ever global social movement of its kind for nursing.

Clarke said on the campaign’s website that she was “looking forward to the Nursing Now Global Footprints event”.

I can’t wait to hear from the many Nursing Now groups and Nightingale Challenge programmes,” she said.

In a video released by Kensington Palace, the duchess said, “Although we cannot be together at this closing of this Nursing Now campaign, I wanted to say a huge congratulations for the incredible work you have done over the last three years.”

“COVID-19 has highlight the vital role that nurses provide. We all rely on and it’s made all the more extraordinary when we consider the huge sacrifices and personal demands that have been placed on all of you by the pandemic.”

Let’s take a moment to thank these COVID warriors and send your well wishes in the comments below!


Innovative minds can be found in the most unexpected of places. The motivation to build something different often arises from an idea one loves dearly. Minecraft is one of the most popular games currently, where you can show off your creative ideas. One particular Minecraft server, Westeroscraft, is dedicated to building stuff related to the world of Game of Thrones. After months of hard work, they have finally managed to create their own Westeros inside the game. And it seriously looks amazing!

Below you’ll find a selection of recent tweets from Westeroscraft, providing some great images and explanations of what is being shown:

[Vikary, Bandallon, Ashwood, Gallowsgrey]

— WesterosCraft (@WesterosCraft) December 31, 2020

“Gold had made House Lannister rich; trade made it even richer.”

Lannisport, the largest city in the Westerlands, sits along the coast of the Sunset Sea where the Gold Road, Ocean Road, and River Road intersect.@westerosorg #GameOfThrones #ASOIAF #Minecraft #Minecraftbuilds

— WesterosCraft (@WesterosCraft) April 12, 2021

The Tor, the seat of House Jordayne in Dorne#GameOfThrones #ASOIAF #Minecraft #Minecraftbuilds

— WesterosCraft (@WesterosCraft) April 5, 2021

The official Westeroscraft Twitter account shared yet another screenshot of the work-in-progress Westeroscraft server. There, Minecraft fans who love A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones are recreating Westeros block by block, and the results are truly impressive as the images and videos linked at their official wiki show. We can’t imagine how many hours of work have gone into it!

Last week, One particular Game of Thrones fan created one of the most amazing dioramas of a medieval mini-alley in their bookshelf. It was like peering right into Westeros.

Would you like to play or create something on this Minecraft server? Tell us what you’d like to build or add in the comments below!


Fantasy has always been everyone’s favourite mode of escape from problems of real life. Be it the vastness of space or the mystical land of dragons, they have kept fans hooked for decades. George Lucas, the man responsible for making Star Wars a household name, celebrated his 77th birthday on 14th this month. And he himself is a great fan of fantastical worlds, as evident from his great love for Game of Thrones. He once visited the set of the highly popular TV show during the filming of the 8th season.

He could have [made a cameo], with the beard!” joked Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth). “That’s not a bad idea. We should have stuck him in.” It was surely a fun experience, having this cinema icon on the set of a show that had become pretty iconic himself. Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman made sure to get a picture with George, and shared it on his birthday.

Happy Birthday George Lucas!

Here’s a reminder of the most exciting showbiz meeting/photo of your long and storied career:

— Bryan Cogman (@cogman_bryan) May 14, 2021

George Lucas has a history of showing up on various film and TV sets, whether they’re related to something he created or not. But one thing is for sure, the universe he created and his legacy will entertain the audience for generations to come.

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The Star Wars creator deserves all our praise for the amazing world he has created. Send in your best wishes for George in the comments below!

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