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Learn the alphabet with this new ‘The Last of Us’ acrophony




Creativity can be found in the most unexpected of places. The motivation to build something different often arises from an idea one loves dearly. One particular ‘The Last of Us‘ fan went through the entire first season a couple of times to create an acrophony with some iconic dialogues from the show. And it sounds really amusing!

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‘The Last of Us’ acrophony

A Twitter user @deartinylove came up with an amazing idea of arranging phrases from The Last of Us series into alphabetical order. The Tweet went viral and has been viewed over 63k times! Have a look at it right below:

The Last of Us is eyeing multiple Emmy nominations

A number of HBO shows are on the list of The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg’s prediction list; Succession, The Last of Us, and House of The Dragon with nominations in multiple categories. The Last of Us might grab The Best Show, Pedro Pascal as Best Actor, and Bella Ramsey as Best Actress, as well as multiple nominations in the Best Supporting Actor and Actress categories.

The Last of Us showrunners already have plans for Season 3

The Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann said in a recent interview“Because we’re making the show, we know Left Behind, we know Last of Us Part II, so there are things, like we could have Marlene talk about Riley early on, because we have a better understanding of who Riley is, because Left Behind has already come out. We know where a lot of Season 2 and 3 will go, so we could start laying things in earlier.”

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