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Pedro Pascal reveals his Red Carpet pose is a form of coping mechanism



Some stars have such an enigmatic aura, you’re left mesmerized by them even if it’s just an interview. They know how to make any job fun, something as simple as drinking coffeeThe Last of Us and Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal is currently at the height of his career, and he deserves it. Pascal is a regular attendee on the red carpet, and has developed a signature pose that also doubles as a coping mechanism.

What is Pedro Pascal’s signature Red Carpet pose?

Over the years, Pascal has portrayed a wide plethora of roles, and has attended innumerable red carpet meets. In all of his appearances, Pascal has been seen repeating one very common pose, with his hand gently placed over his belly.

Why does Pedro Pascal pose with his hand over his belly?

Recently, The Last of Us co-stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey were posing on the red carpet during a “For Your Consideration” event in Los Angeles, when the latter acknowledged their co-star’s unique pose by patting his hand and then placing their hand on their torso in a similar manner. Pedro then explained to Ramsey why he does that, “You know why? It’s because my anxiety is right here.” Ramsey responded with a tight hug. The clip was captured by Deadline.

How does Pedro Pascal feel about being called “daddy”?

In his recent interview with Esquire, Pascal answered some of the most asked questions on the internet. On the subject of being called daddy, he replied, “Everyone says ‘zaddy’, and I still don’t know what it means. I get very different definitions of zaddy. I know that people get triggered by all the daddy stuff, which is also understandable. And enough already.”

“Nah [laughs]. I’m your daddy.”

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