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John Bradley believes Game of Thrones showrunners’ new show ‘Three-Body Problem’ is going to be a huge hit




Game of Thrones Season 8 wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The season finale divided the fan base into two. One was satisfied with the ending, the other demanded a season remake. Some blamed the absence of George R. R. Martin’s next installment of books. While some blamed the showrunners’ piqued interest to launch a Star Wars feature film trilogy with Disney’s Lucasfilm. The showrunners, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, are coming back to Netflix with a new sci-fi fantasy The Three-Body Problem, and many fans are skeptical if the show will be any good. However, Game of Thrones star John Bradley, who played Jon Snow’s adorable chum Samwell Tarly, believes David and Dan are going in the right direction with the upcoming show.


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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter promoting Moonfall, he was inquired about the Game of Thrones showrunners, newest project, as he himself is a part of it. He replied, “It’s a real joy. I’m so delighted that they picked me and just really grateful. And you know, it’s no secret some of the feedback they’ve gotten [about the final season of Game of Thrones]. And what they haven’t done is take the easy way out. They’ve given themselves another show that’s so ambitious.”

“Elements of it make Game of Thrones look like it was playing it safe. I’ve never read a script with more scope to it, with a wider degree of themes and characters, and there’s all sorts of scientific principles. They picked a very ambitious project. I just really hope I can play a part in making a great success and maybe right a couple of wrongs and get them back to where I think they deserve to be in the public eye. So, fingers crossed.”

Do you think the Three-Body Problem is going to be another hit? Or it is going to be as controversial as Game of Thrones’ final season? Talk to us in the comments below!


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