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Iwan Rheon compares Game of Thrones’ Ramsay Bolton to his new role in The Light in the Hall




Game of Thrones gave some of the finest actors to the industry. It was a show that ran for a decade and had many memorable characters. Some of those characters turned out to be the most iconic villains of all time. And amongst those villains perhaps the character of Ramsay Bolton will forever remain the most sadistic one. He was a psychopath, a terrible human being who has done gut-wrenching things to people including his own family and his wife. Iwan Rheon, who played the character on the show, has landed a villainous role in another show, and it’s interesting how he compares the two.

In a recent interview with Hello Magzine, Rheon talked about how Ramsay was different from Joe, his new role in The Light in the Hall. He said, “Ramsay is an extrovert who revels in being an [explicit] and genuinely enjoys doing horrible things. Whereas Joe is scared and introverted. He’s a quiet man. He doesn’t want to be around people. He wants to be left alone. So they’re completely different people.”

He says, teasing a plot twist, “They just share that one thing in common… or not.”

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