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Issac Hempstead Wright talks about how the cast is dealing with the end of Game of Thrones



Season 7 of Game of Thrones has been running behind its annual schedule this year. The production finished the filming for Season 7 by the end of February, and now the premiere is set for July 16th. Season 6 had quite a many characters have their stories taken to new highs, which takes the anticipation for Season 7 even higher. Bran Stark, who is now the Three-Eyed Raven, is one of those characters. Bran is at an interesting point in his journey, where he is not only crippled, but also sort of, really in trouble. Issac Hempstead Wright, who plays the role of Bran Stark on the show, recently talked about how the cast was dealing with the end of Game of Thrones, and more. Read on!

Issac Hempstead Wright was attending the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience show at the Madison Square Garden, where entertainment portal Vulture caught up with him. Talking about how Bran could be a part of the concert, and then recalling that he probably wouldn’t be able to do it because of his stage fright, Issac said :

“We need a whole Bran spinoff tour. I’m up for that. I could play piano! Wait, no. No. God, no. I’d love to, it would be great, but at the same time, there are 25,000 people who are going to be here, and I might have an actual heart attack playing live in front of them. I do get terrible stage fright. I’ve been playing piano since I was 8 or 9, but I hated it to begin with. My mom forced me to play it, and I was close to giving up, close to saying, “Stop making me do this. I hate it,” and eventually it just clicked and I loved it, and it was my favorite thing in the world. I remember one occasion at school, playing a piece, and I was literally halfway through it, it was going really well, but then I messed it up a bit, and I just froze.

It was one of the most mortifying moments I’ve ever had! And so I’m always quite anxious about performing in public. More recently, I’m getting into jazz, and playing jazz, which is much more relaxed. You don’t have people at the front looking through the score, checking that you got the E-flat.”

We can sometimes see the (not so) hidden fanboy inside Issac. He recently also commented on a few Game of Thrones fan theories, in another interview. Moving on, he also talked about how the cast of Game of Thrones was dealing with the idea that the show was nearing its ending. He said :

“I mean, it’s definitely going to be weird, especially for me, since I’ve been doing this for seven years. It’s been a key part of my life. So to think of it ending at all is just so bizarre. But it’s also exciting, because we’ll get to start something new. A whole other world of possibilities. But to not come in and see the same faces, to see the same crew, and the same irreplaceable actors, it’s going to be really sad. And so there is that wistful atmosphere on set at times, and people going, “Oh, we’re so close!”

The actors pop in and out, they might not be there for two years at a time, whereas the producers, they’ve literally been living on set in Belfast. So I think they’re probably ready to call it a day, and not be quite so nostalgic. They want to go home and actually sleep!”

Issac Hempstead Wright also talked about a lot of other things, like the idea of the cast forming a Game of Thrones band. Read the full interview, here.

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