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Lena Headey talks about those explosive deaths in Game of Thrones season 6 finale



Cersei Lannister is officially the Queen of the world, since Game of Thrones is everything for us fans, and we’ve now got a new ruler, just like the loyal subjects of Westeros who’ve seen more kings in their lives than anyone. Cersei took the throne using the infamous wildfire that Aerys II Targaryen once used to exalt his power on everyone. She’s now shown everyone who the real boss is in Westeros, and now that she’s also lost her family, there is nothing left to keep her even remotely human (except perhaps Jaime, but that doesn’t seem too fruitful either). Cersei is now effortlessly ruthless without a shred of love left in her, and she’s ruling the Seven Kingdoms, as we saw in Game of Thrones season 6 finale the Winds of Winter. Now that the Lannister family is truly in power again, we can expect some serious things to go down in further seasons.

During an interview with EW, Lena Headey, the actress who plays Cersei, discussed the fate of the Seven Kingdoms and what she thinks about the plot twists and deaths in the latest episode.

Speaking about the prophecy made by Maggy the Frog having come true, she says, “Yes, the prophecy finally comes true. Which is horrible. Yet at the same time, she has her greatest moment of triumph. She gets rid of all her enemies, that she knows of anyway. Then there’s that moment where she goes to see dead Tommen and she thinks, “Ah. Well. I’ll [take the crown].” It’s so wrong.”

On Septa Unella’s death, she says, “It’s so filthy. It’s so great. Everybody’s witnessed what happened with the two of them. I don’t think people will be able to help going, “Yes!” But it’s so depraved, it’s brilliant. The scene was meant to be worse, but they couldn’t do it. This is like the tame version. It’s pretty bad still though. I’d take being exploded in the Sept over that any day.”

She spoke about how Cersei never really desired the Iron Throne, just power, and says, “I think part of what happened to her, is a sense of “never again will anybody do anything to me that I don’t want to happen.” This is the end of that.”

When asked about what her reaction was about finding out that Cersei would sit on the Iron Throne, Lena said, “I couldn’t believe it, obviously. I was really shocked. I read it like nine times, like, “You’re joking!” Then I’m left to wonder who’s going to take her down. She may only be there for a second. You do think, “What the f— comes next?” Then we start again to play that game we all play each season, “Who’s going to be on the Iron Throne next?””

She then expressed how she’s excited over the prospect of Tyrion and Cersei meeting again when Dany arrives with her ships. “I’m as excited as anyone to get Cersei and Tyrion back together. It just works. Those two characters are so interesting because there’s so much hate, yet slight respect too. They’d kill each other if ever given the chance.”

Cersei sitting on the Iron Throne was an unexpected twist, since she was possibly one of the few people who did not want the throne, but only desired power, and seeing as she’s always had power, there is nothing withholding her anymore from being the ruthless queen that she is. It remains to be seen in the next season, what Cersei’s fate will be.

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