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Issac Hempstead says Bran Stark's visions in the coming episodes will be extraordinary



With every new episode of Season six of Game of Thrones, our anticipation levels have doubled because there is so little that’s revealed as of now but that is just enough to keep us waiting and hooked. Specially, the Tower of Joy scene in episode 3 was the much talked about scene before it was even telecast but it was a bit of a disappointment when the scene was showed for such a brief duration.

Still, Isaac Hempstead Wright, the actor who plays Bran Stark on the show says that the tower of Joy scene will not be what everyone is expecting. Now what everyone is expecting is that R+L= J, the much awaited theory.

While speaking toThe Hollywood Reporter Isaac said, “Every single vision, you’re learning something new, and you’re seeing a real bombshell, That’s what we’ll see in the next few episodes. There are no visions where we’re like, ‘Oh, well, cool, we kind of already knew that anyway.’ Every time it’s like, ‘Oh, wow! That’s extraordinary!’ There are a couple of visions coming up that I’m really excited to see.”

Isaac also spoke about what he thought of Bran’s father, Ned and how it changed after seeing him win a fight in a dirty manner in the Tower of Joy and said that, “Yeah, as far as he’s known, his father has been nothing but completely honorable and kind and generous and a good man. So Bran’s watching this fight, expecting it to go one way, with his father coming in to save the day. And there’s this great line where Bran says something like: “But father wins! I’ve heard the story a thousand times!” And clearly someone’s been lying.Bransees that it was a dirty backstabbing, and that’s quite shocking for Bran. It’s a totally different side to his father that he hadn’t quite been exposed to before. All the sudden, here he is. His hero isn’t all that he’s quite cracked up to be, necessarily. It also raises some questions. There’s no arguing the fact that Ned was a good man, so whatever forced him to fight in that dishonorable way clearly must have been something quite enormous. It raises the question of why he did that, and what does it mean for the rest of us?”

Episode four must come soon and only then we will know.

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