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Game of Thrones stars talk about the show in these Comic Con interviews



The San Diego Comic Con brought back loving memories for us fans when we saw the Game of Thrones stars talking about anything and everything that had to do with our favourite show. And with all of the amazing events and discussions that took place at the panel, there were some interesting interviews conducted with the stars of the show, each more fun than the other. If you couldn’t be there, you can check out some of the interview videos right here!

We have Iwan Rheon discussing the death of his character Ramsay Bolton, filming of the Battle of the Bastards, and the loss of his television father Roose Bolton.

Next up, we’ve got Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos) talking about his lack of nomination in the Emmys, and whether he thinks Davos and Melisandre will ever meet.

He also talks about the season finale, Lyanna Mormont and the Tormund and Davos friendship.

Isaac Hempstead Wright AKA Bran Stark discusses over what will happen when Jon and Bran finally meet.

John Bradley, who plays Samwell Tarly talks about his taking of Heartsbane, the Tarly family sword and that they’re expecting scripts any day now.

He also discusses Sam’s reason for being in Oldtown and teases of what might happen in the next season.

Nathalie Emmanuel AKA Missandei on how characters will react on Jon being a Targaryen.

Sophie Turner talks about her character Sansa Stark, the look shared between her and Littlefinger, and Jon and Sansa’s relationship.

Kristian Nairn, who played the beloved Hodor discusses the love his character has gotten after the ‘Hold the door’ episode.

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